I visited Kyrgyzstan during spring 2017 (I wrote a Bishkek Nightlife Guide) and I was surprised to see so many beautiful girls around.

Kyrgyz girls generally look Asian but they have some subtle Caucasian and Middle Eastern features. They are often Muslims, yet the ones I met didn't fast during Ramadan and they didn't mind eating pork or drinking alcohol. There is also a Russian minority, maybe 10% of the population.

If you are wondering what Kyrgyz women look like, I've selected the 25 prettiest models and girls from all over the country. Some are famous while others are totally unknown. If you think I forgot someone, please just let me know in the comment section below.

Note: I've used pictures from Facebook or Instagram. If you want me to remove a name or an image, please just send me an email thibaud@jakarta100bars.com

Begimay Karybekova
Born in 1999 and measuring 1.76 meters, she became Miss Kyrgyzstan in 2017. The year before, she won an award at the Miss Tourism Eurasia contest.

Instagram: Begimay Karybekova

Milan Zhanibecova
Also called Milan Janybekova, she is possibly the most beautiful model in Kyrgyzstan (at least she is my favorite). She is 21 years old, measures 1.75 meters, and she specializes in fashion shoots. She was Miss Bishkek a few years ago.

Facebook: Milancholia
Instagram: Donna Milan

Aijan Asemova
She is a beautiful girl with over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Apart from being gorgeous, I must say I have no idea what she does.

Instagram: Aijan Asemova

Saltanat Akerova
Born in Kyrgyzstan and living in Dubai, she is working as a secretary and modeling occasionally. Back in 2008, she won the Miss Tourism Kyrgyzstan competition in Bishkek.

Facebook: Saltanat Akerova
Instagram: Salta Akerova

Susanna Egoryan
This young lady with incredible eyebrows was Miss Globe Kyrgyzstan 2016 and Next Top Model Kyrgyzstan in 2017.

Instagram: Susa Bonn

Meerim Atantaeva
A gorgeous model and actress with mixed Kyrgyz and Chinese blood, winner of the Best Model of Central Asia pageant in 2017. She is 1.71 meters tall.

Facebook: Meerim Atantaeva
Instagram: Meerim Atantaeva

Madina and Medina Talipbek
Two famous beautiful actresses who also happen to be twin sisters!

Telegey Malabekova
A cute, young girl who participated in several beauty pageants.

Instagram: Malabekova Telegey

Alina Pirmatova
Алина Пирматова in Russian, she won the Miss Teen World Award at the Miss Asia World competition in 2017. She is also a singer and an actress.

Instagram: Alina Pirmatova

Kamila Muslimova
A bright women who studied at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, where she wrote her thesis  "Social Orphanage and Child-Beggaring in Kyrgyzstan: Perceptions, Patterns and State Politics". She now works for the OSCE – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Facebook: Kamila Muslimova

Ayguly Aalieva
A sexy model from Tokmok, near the border with Kazakhstan. She was miss 7 Continents in 2017.

Facebook: Ayguly Aalieva
Instagram: Aalieva Aigul

Abdva Aiganysh
Another pretty model staying in Bishkek

Instagram: Abdva Aiganysh

Zhamilia Ishenbaeva
She is a model and an actress who represented Kyrgyzstan at several international contests: Miss Tourism International, Miss Bikini Universe and the World Beauty Congress. She also earned an MBA from the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Facebook: Zhamilia Ishenbaeva

Saadat Asylbekova
She was a winner of Miss Bikini Kyrgyzstan when she was only 16. Unfortunately for her, she was unable to compete in the international final in Shanghai because she had to attend high school.

Dina Karabekova
She is a pretty journalist who studied at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek.

Facebook: Dina Karabekova

Alimka Dzhienbekova
This 19-year old is a student at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek.

Instagram: @jamalie13

Darina Saydazimova
Another model, currently inactive after getting married and moving to the US. She is one of the hottest girls on this list but there is almost no information about her except that she represented Kyrgyzstan in the Bride of the World pageant in Macau in 2012.

Facebook: Darina Saidazimova

Elina Abai Kyzy
Elina is a famous actress who played the lead role in the epic drama "Kurmanjan Datka" (Queen of the Mountains).

Instagram: Elina Abaikyzy

Aysuluu Abdibakasova
Айсулуу Абдибакасова is her Russian name. She is a model who represented Kyrgyzstan in several beauty pageants.

Adina and Alina Ulanova
Two beautiful sisters who work normal jobs in Bishkek.

Facebook: Adina Ulanova and Alina Ulanova

Kamilla Ismailova
This Kyrgyz girl is working in real estate in Thailand.

Instagram: Ismailova Camilla

Begimay Maya Abibova
A model who was active a few years ago.

Rahat Bojokoeva
She is a famous TV personality, a model and an entrepreneur.

Instagram: Rahat Bojokoeva

Viktoria Bazarova
On a forum, this beauty was listed as being a Kyrgyz, but I think she is Russian (from Siberia).

Instagram: Viktoria Bazarova

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  1. I'd love to have a Kyrgyz Girlfriend

  2. It's amazing how many hot girls there are from Kyrgyzstan. Most of the hot "Asian" cam girls (they always like to pretend they're from Korea, Japan, China etc) are Kyrgyz. As someone who loves Asian women they are beautiful, exotic looking girls. I wish I'd had it on my list of places to frequent before I settled down.