Léon Restaurant and its speakeasy bar Goldstein are both located in the same building on Jalan Wijaya in South Jakarta (previously occupied by Nine Muses). As of 2017, they are among the trendiest nightlife venues in the capital, attracting the local elite, celebrities, models, etc. One advice if you go: Dress well and be prepared to be surrounded by hoards of beautiful people.

One reason it is so popular is because this is where the Anies-Sandiaga team celebrated their victory over Ahok-Djarot in the 2017 Gubernatorial Election. They threw a free-flow alcohol party that was mocked on social media, considering Anies had won the race by playing the devout Muslim card.

While some of my expat friends told me that Léon was not foreigner-friendly, we didn't get any problem getting a table for 3 bules. The private and hidden Goldstein Bar was more difficult to access, though, but it isn't surprising as it is supposed to be for members only.

We didn't try the food, which does not seem to be their strong point. Their menu is quite small and not really original (the usual mix of popular International dishes). It isn't too expensive (IDR150,000 for a main course), unless you choose a grilled steak (from IDR400,000 to IDR1,200,000).

Prices for drinks are quite high. You can't get a bottle for less than IDR1,500,000 and cocktails cost at least IDR150,000.

Overall: The design of Léon is great, and I enjoyed watching all the pretty girls around me. That said, it is quite superficial and pretentious. It is all about how much you spend, who you are with, and what you are wearing. I don't mind occasionally but not on a frequent basis.

Opening Hours:
Every day from 11 AM to 1 AM (2 AM on weekends)

León Restaurant and Goldstein Bar
Jalan Wijaya I No. 25
South Jakarta

Email: rsvp@leonjakarta.com 0217221188
Instagram: Léon Jakarta

Note: Léon is owned by the group behind Parc19 in Kemang.

3 comments to '' Léon Restaurant and Goldstein Bar (Jakarta) "

  1. isn't everywhere in jakarta foreigner friendly? especially in the upper class places they usually give foreigners special priviledges

    1. 99% of places are foreigner-friendly, but not all of them... especially the ones where a specific Indonesian "pribumi" elite goes to (government executives, people linked to Suharto-era conglomerates, people linked to preman/nationalist parties)... i was kicked out of Beyond Club for no reasons a few years ago, because the singer Ahmad Dhani "didn't like me".

    2. Never heard of Beyond Club but if it's the kind of place where people like Ahmad Dhani hangout you're probably better off not being there.