1900 Le Theatre is a bar/nightclub located in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, more precisely in the action-packed Tạ Hiện Street. It is in the center of Hanoi nightlife, and unsurprisingly it gets crowded every day of the week by both young Vietnamese (75%, mostly students) and foreigners (25%, mostly tourists).

It is my favorite club in this area but it closes early at 1AM (by 00.30AM they'll already stop selling drinks). You can go around 11PM, after drinking from the cheaper pubs nearby.

The entrance is free on most nights but if there is a special event you'll have to pay around VND250,000. Drinks are more expensive than average: VND80,000 for a beer and VND120,000 for cocktail/liquor.

It is worth it in my opinion. 1900 Le Theatre is a chic, Burlesque-themed venue, with a perfect set-up for events. This is logical as it used to be a theater during the French colonization. 

The main point of focus is the elevated stage where DJs and live bands perform. Most customers will occupy high tables just below and share a bottle of alcohol. There is also a nice central bar for those who come alone and on the second floor, you'll find a mezzanine with VIP seating.

The dress code is not enforced as I saw plenty of foreigners wearing shorts. If you can, try to put on a pair of pants, a shirt and shoes. This will prevent you from being labeled as a "backpacker" by the bouncers and the Vietnamese crowd.

Weekend nights are the busiest, but some weekdays are interesting as well. Wednesday is students night (2 free beers for students with valid ID) and Tuesday is ladies night (2 free drinks for girls).

My main criticism about 1900 Le Theatre is that its DJs play only commercial songs (EDM or Hip Hop) while the live band usually sing Vietnamese pop.

Overall: 1900 is a one of the best nightclubs in Hanoi. I liked the atmosphere, the crowd and the design.

1900 Le Theatre Nightclub - Hanoi
8, Ta Hiên, Hoan Kiem
Phone number: 09 1111 1900

Facebook: 1900 Le Theatre
Instagram: @1900.hn

Opening Hours:
Every day until 1AM

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