Wind West is a popular live music pub located in Rue Setthathirath in downtown Vientiane. It was packed when I visited (Saturday night) with a chic local crowd, and about 10% of foreigners (expats or tourists).

The oldest bar in Vientiane (since 1992), it is housed in an independent building that you can easily spot from the street. There is no entrance fee and a dress code normally applies (no shorts and no sandals, though most foreigners didn't respect the rule).

It is rather dark inside as only the stage is properly lit. As you would have guessed, there is a Western (Cowboys and Indians) theme that some would find a tad kitsch.

What struck me the most upon entering in Wind West was the high number of pretty, well-dressed girls including the waitresses, the bartenders and of course the customers. The latter were obviously open to meet with foreigners and very easy to talk to. I was suspicious they were prostitutes at first, but as far I know, most are just regular girls who want to drink, listen to the music and dance.

I found the live band performing that evening particularly talented. The female singer had an awesome voice and she was mostly singing in English (Top 40). The guy was singing some more boring, folk songs in Laotian as you can see on this video I shot:
Drinks are more expensive that average for Vientiane (but still reasonable). A Leo beer costs 25,000 kip and a cocktail 35,000 kip.

No smoking. They also serve some food (steaks).

Overall: Wind West was one of my favorite nightlife spots in Vientiane. It is walking distance from the main tourist district and you can visit it even if you are alone (just sit at the bar, you'll meet people easily). 

Opening Hours:
Every day until 2AM.

Wind West
Western Pub and Steakhouse
Rue Setthathirath
Phone number: 020 28 103 779

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