Tom's Bar - After-Hour Club in Hanoi

By Jakarta100bars
The tiny Tom's Bar is located in Hanoi's Old Quarter, in the famous Tạ Hiện Street (also called Beer Street). It is much more expensive than the other places nearby (VND40,000 for a beer, VND85,000 for a cocktail) while not being particularly fancy. Still, it can be pretty popular, especially late at night.

The reason for that is that Tom's Bar closes much later than the official midnight curfew. I was there twice during week nights, and both times I stayed after 4AM. To avoid complaints from the police, they keep the door shut and they open it only when someone wants to get in or out. 

The crowd of Tom' Bar is a fun mix of backpackers, young Vietnamese and a few freelance prostitutes. Having the door closed makes the atmosphere much more intimate and by 2AM, you'll already know the name of half the clubbers inside. The socializing is further eased by those laughing gas balloons (VND50,000 each) that everyone inside seems to love. There is also a drug dealer selling opium, marijuana and cocaine on standby in the street.

The music is a mix of Top 40 songs from the past 20 years, from the Spice Girls to Major Lazer. It's not very original but effective in getting people to dance.

Overall: Tom's Bar is one of the few clubs that stays open after-hour in Hanoi (other options would be Savage, Ball Bar and Hero - see Hanoi Nightlife Guide). It is friendly and fun, if not sophisticated.

Here is a video I shot inside:
Tom's Bar
2 Tạ Hiện, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone number: 097 326 88 66
Facebook: Tom's Bar

Open every day until late (3AM, 4AM, 5AM - depending on the night)

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