Romeo and The Pavilion is a nightlife complex in Vientiane consisting of a nightclub (Romeo), a live music hall (The Pavilion), a beer garden, a restaurant and a karaoke.

It is quite far from the city center (at least 5 kilometers) but still, I wanted to check it as it seemed to be popular with the local elite. In particular, it targets the Laotian-Chinese community with the same kind of ostentatious, over-the-top design you may have seen elsewhere in Chinese clubs in Asia.

I arrived just before midnight and it was almost deserted. In the nightclub: Nobody. In the beer garden: Nobody. In the live music hall: Maybe just 20 people. The staff told me people would come later on but I doubt it.

Judging from the pictures on their Facebook page though, they have some busy nights. I guess it depends on the artists playing on that evening. Don't make the same mistake I did. Before going, check if they have a special event or not.

Overall: Both Romeo and The Pavilion have potential but without customers, it's hard for me to recommend them. If you have visited them yourself, please leave a comment below.

Note: All photos are from Facebook.

Opening Hours:
Every day until 3AM.

Phone number:

I couldn't find the address in English. It is located exactly here on Google Maps. It is just opposite the Inpeng Hotel (where you'll find another nightclub actually).

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