Phoenix nightclub is located on Thadeua Rd, about 3 kilometers from the tourist center in Vientiane (just a few hundred meters after Paris Cocktail). It's easy to spot from the street as it is inside a white, flashy building.

Phoenix is officially targeting an upper-class crowd, the "hi-so" (high society) of Laos: It has a modern design, it features guest bands and DJs from Thailand, and they have a strict dress code.

In reality, it is not that stylish. It is quite dark, with mostly young people wearing t-shirts, and the music is boring EDM. Even on a Saturday night at 1AM it was 2/3rd empty.

Prices are standard: 25,000 kip for a beer. You can also buy a Sangria bottle for 70,000 kip. Free entrance.

Overall: Phoenix is quite far and not really worth it in my opinion compared to Gold Star or Marina. You can check their Facebook page below in case they have any special events though (live music).

This is how the club looks like:
Opening Hours:
Every day until 2AM (3H30AM on Saturday apparently but I may have misunderstood what the security guard said)

Phoenix Nightclub
Thadeua Road, Km 3, Vientiane, Laos
Phone number: 020 227 37771 or 020 55505584
Exact location of Phoenix on Google Map: Click Here.

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