Max 3 Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars
Max 3 is a Viet nightclub in Hanoi located in the tourist district of Hoàn Kiếm. It is about 200 meters from Civilize, another club that I visited on the same night.

I preferred Max 3 as it is newer and more crowded. It is inside a small room with a high ceiling and a mezzanine (VIP). In the center, there is a podium on which sexy dancers will perform several times every night. Standing tables are arranged all around it while VIP sofas can be found in the corners. They must have spent a small fortune in lighting and pyrotechnic equipment, and they do like to use it as much as they can. The sound level is almost unbearable and I advise you to bring earplugs (I had some and it was still too noisy).

The music is Vietnamese EDM, which is actually pretty cool (but very repetitive). The DJ was a sexy girl, and there are 2 more pretty girls next to her (as a decoration I presume). A MC will cheer up the crowd between each song and on special occasion, they also have singers.

The sexy dancers were among the hottest I've seen in Hanoi. They were not dancing so much but they were wearing lingerie and doing a sort of softcore lesbian show that made me wonder if Hanoi was not in fact less conservative than Saigon.

The club is targeting rich Vietnamese customers coming in small groups, often for birthday celebrations. Typically, they reserve a table or a VIP sofa, they buy expensive alcohol bottles and they drink by themselves. If there are not enough women in their group, they may invite a few hostesses to join (Max 3 has around 10 gorgeous girls for that). They don't not really intend to socialize with anyone else, but they do like to show off (for instance by ordering expensive fruit platters).

The prices of Max 3 are reasonable if you order a bottle (cheapest Cognac bottle for VND2,750,000), but very pricey if you just want a beer (VND165,000 for a Heineken). The service is particularly attentive, but generous tips are expected.

Overall: If you are interested to try clubbing in a local club in Hanoi, Max 3 is one of my most recommended. Make sure to wear pants and shoes.

Here is a video I shot inside with my mobile phone (it was still early and the crowd arrived after 11PM):
Opening Hours:
Every day until 1AM

Max3 Club
19 Trần Khánh Dư, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi
Phone number: 01 67 979 99 99

More pics from their Facebook Max 3 Club Hanoi:

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