Marina is the best nightclub in Vientiane as of 2017 (my second favorite would be Gold Star).

It is located on Luang Prabang Road, 3 kilometers from the tourist area so you'll need to ride a tuk-tuk (20,000-30,000 kip maximum). As you arrive, you'll see a mini-traffic jam with some luxury cars.

Maybe because it is far, there is almost no foreigners who visit it (apart from Thais and Chinese). That's too bad because it would challenge a few stereotypes they might have about "sleepy" Vientiane.

Anyway, I was glad to be the only foreigner as you naturally get more attention. Marina was packed with girls, most of whom were well-dressed and looking stylish. They were often with large group of friends with a bottle around a table. Many guys were gay so it's very easy to approach them first and then talk to their girlfriends. If you want the easy way, there are also some freelance prostitutes.

Prices are quite low, only 18,000 kip for a beer and 330,000 kip for a bottle of whisky (red label). No entrance fee. No smoking inside.

The dress code stipulates no shorts and no sandals but I saw a few inside. The DJs play commercial EDM and clubbing anthems. On other nights they may also have hip-hop and Rn'B.

I shot this video inside with my phone:
Overall: A big, luxurious nightclub in Vientiane. Very recommended if you want to meet fun, upper class Laotian girls. There is also a bowling alley in the same complex.

Note: It seems another nightclub is being built next to Marina at the moment. If you have more information about it, please leave a comment below!

Opening Hours:
Every day from 9PM to 3AM (2AM on weekdays)

Marina Night Club
Luang Prabang Road (after Setthatitraht Road)

Facebook (with pictures and upcoming events): Marina Vientiane

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  1. I will be there next month, really really useful information for me, appreciate a lot bro! Thanks!

  2. Was there on a Saturday night. Not happening

  3. thank bro planning to go there in august