Infinity Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars
Infinity is a small Vietnamese nightclub located in the Hoàn Kiếm district near the 4-star Lan Vien Hotel. It is very popular any night of the week with mid-to upper-class Vietnamese visiting in groups.

Compared to the competition nearby (for instance Max 3 or Fame - see my Hanoi Nightlife review), it looks a bit less luxurious but its prices are more affordable. You can buy a whisky bottle for VND1,200,000 for instance. If you come alone, the drinks by the glass and the cocktails are quite limited and expensive though. Anyway, this is not really a place that you can enjoy if you are by yourself (unless a Vietnamese invites you to his table).

No surprises regarding the music, you have extremely loud Vietnamese House (a mix of Techno, Viet Pop, EDM and Top 40). They also have singers occasionally.

I think that it is in Infinity that I saw some of the hottest girls in the city. Most are hostesses that can accompany you for drinks while the rest are just regular customers with their (guy) friends. They also have stunning sexy dancers performing every hour.

You should dress up a minimum before visiting. Put at least a pair of pants, some shoes and a shirt.

Overall: Infinity is not my favorite Vietnamese club in Hanoi, but it is centrally located and not too expensive. Free entrance so you can always have a look.

Operating Hours:
Open every day until 2AM.

Infinity Nightclub
45 Hàng Bài, Hà Nội
Phone number: 0163 889 8888

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