@Home Nightclub (Vientiane - Laos)

By Jakarta100bars
@Home (or At Home) is one of the popular nightclubs in Vientiane, particularly among foreigners (expats and tourists).

It is quite large but it was only half-full when I visited it on a Saturday night. I'm not really sure I understand why expats like to go there instead of Marina or Gold Star. Maybe it is for the girls (among which some were definitely hookers), maybe it's for the music (a mix of trance-techno).

The entrance was free and the price of drinks is standard for a Vientiane nightclub (25,000 for a beer, 40,000 for cocktails).

You can smoke inside and you can probably get some drugs as well.

You can get an idea of the atmosphere inside by watching this video I shot:
Overall: A foreigner-oriented nightclub with girls to pick up and good music. I prefer Marina or Gold Star, but since @Home is on the way, you can have a quick look.

@Home Nightclub
Souphanouvong Avenue, Vientiane, Laos

Phone number: 020 55 444 555
Email: somsanouks@gmail.com

Facebook: Home Club

Opening Hours:
Every day until 2AM

2 comments to '' @Home Nightclub (Vientiane - Laos) "

  1. Frenchy in VientianeFebruary 6, 2017 at 7:20 PM

    The reason foreigners go to @Home is because tuk-tuk drivers get a commission each time they bring a customer...

  2. I found this place accidentally. At 1AM all tables was busy. Only 5 european guys for whole night, but some visitors is from Vietnam and Thailand - nobody get a girl. Many girls bring here with a boyfriend, husband and even brother (and brother can say "no" even if girl say "yes"). Many bargirls say "no" (maybe, isn't a bargirls). Other is ugly :) I like this place because lack of europeans here, music is not so shitty, you can get a table only with bottle of bear (maybe the same for other Lao places), you can (it's Lao) just start to talk with local people (if they understand you) - i feel something real Lao here.