Gold Star is a nightclub in Vientiane, part of the Daokham Hotel complex. On the same location, you'll also find Sam Dao beer garden and Merci karaoke.

The whole site is quite impressive. You arrive through a small road perpendicular to Souphanouvong Avenue, and then suddenly you have this huge, hidden property with hundreds of party-goers.

I had a quick look at the beer garden. Nothing special there, it caters mostly to large groups who also come for eating.

The nightclub is more interesting. It looks similar to Marina, except that the crowd is much younger and less stylish. From what I could guess, at least 10% of the crowd was less than 18 years old. I also saw a handful of foreigners. In total, I would say it can accommodate 500 people.

I think the live band was from Thailand. They played rock song (none of them in English), and during breaks a DJ would mix famous EDM anthems. This is a video I took:
Some people were going really wild and it was quite messy. When I went to the toilet, a guy was throwing up. Outside, a group of guys were dancing in their underwear.

I didn't see so many stunning, well-dressed girls but there are a few (beware as some are ladyboy and/or prostitutes).

Free entrance. Dress code not enforced.

Opening Hours:
Every day until 3AM (2AM on weekdays)

Goldstar Nightclub
Ban Nakham, Sikhottabong, Vientiane, Laos
Phone number: 021-254232-3


Exact location on Google Map: Click Here.
Dao Kham Hotel complex from outside
Merci Karaoke

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