Fame Nightclub is one of the best Viet-style nightclubs I visited in Hanoi (and I went to almost all of them). It is located in the city center (Hoàn Kiếm District).

As usual for Hanoi, there is no entrance fee to pay. The club is on two floors, with a VIP area upstairs and regular tables downstairs. It has a modern design, with a particularly great LCD display behind the stage. The latter is elevated and spacious, allowing for proper live music performances and shows.

Every night, they have sexy dancers who can actually dance a choreography. That's almost unheard of elsewhere in Asia (it reminded me of the clubs in Taipei). Some of the dancers are Viet and some are Ukrainians.
Anyway, Fame possesses all the features of a typical Viet club: Customers are mostly young Vietnamese guys, sometimes accompanied by pretty hostesses or girlfriends. They book a table and they buy bottles, shishas and fruit platter. The more expensive, the better. The music is Viet House (or Vina House), which I would define as Top 40 and Viet pop remixed with techno beats. The service is great, particularly because the waiters assume they'll get a big tip (they will be disappointed if you just get a beer).

Prices are high for Hanoi standards (someone has to pay for those Ukrainian girls): A Corona costs VND169,000, a bottle over VND2,000,000, a giant fruit platter VND650,000.

Dress code: Don't wear shorts and sandals.

Overall: If you are looking for a place to spend some money, drink and enjoy the company of beautiful Vietnamese girls, you can't find better in Hanoi. Note that Fame is a Viet club (≠ Western club) so don't expect a dancefloor where you can socialize with other people. 

Fame Nightclub and Sexy Dancers
25 Ngo Van So Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone number: 094 212 1212

Facebook: Fame Bar Hanoi (you can see more photos and check for special events (live music)

Operating Hours:
Everyday until 2AM (3AM on Weekends)

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