I'm not sure about the exact name of this place. Outside there was a sign saying Dihao Nightclub and KTV, but on google I also saw it spelled Ti Hao, Di Hao or Tihao. Some photos also show a sign with the name Lollipop but for now it has been either removed or turned off. My final conclusion is that the club name is Dihao, that it used to be called Lollipop, and that it is within the Ti Hao Hotel.

Update February 2017: Thanks to the person who commented below, I finally know the club is called XSCAPE.

Anyway, if you want to go there, it is exactly here on Google Maps. It is about 3 kilometers from the tourist center on Asean Road (Vientiane).

The KTV is quite luxurious and caters to Chinese/Thai customers. It is most likely a hidden brothel and I guess you can use the rooms of the hotel for short time activities. No idea about the price.

The nightclub was a bit weird. There was only 5 or 6 girls (lady companions I presume) and no real customers. A black guy married to a French-Lao girl introduced himself as one of the club's owner. We tried to have a conversation but the sound level was so high that we gave up after a few minutes. I wanted to get out at this point but since he was friendly I took a beer (Rp15,000 for a Lao).

The club looks pretty in the dark, but when you look closer, you will see that they glued newspaper pages on the walls. That's really kitsch.

Overall: Small nightclub with loud EDM songs. Very few customers. The only reason to visit is to go to the KTV and get some girls with you.

Opening Hours:
Every day from 10PM to 3AM

Xscape Nightclub (Ti Hao Hotel) - 
Asean Road, Vientiane
Phone number: 021 262 799

6 comments to '' XScape Nightclub and Dihao KTV (Ti Hao Hotel) - Vientiane "

  1. Your review is surprised me on how current and wrong it is. DI HAO closed more than four years ago. Xscape is a new cosmopolitan club officially opening on the 25th. The KTV and Club are different entities. From my experience I do see that the girls who are in the club are not pick up girls, hence you did not see any girls of your liking. Checkout their page on facebook: https://web.facebook.com/clubxscapevte/
    I have also sent this link to their management.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment... There was no sign in front of the club except Dihao, which must be for the karaoke... so i had no idea what the name of the club was... but thanks a lot for the precision, I'll add it now...

  2. Please check their facebook Di Hao Closed 4 years ago, this new club is officially opening on the 25th of february. I am surprised how uninformed your review is.

    1. Hi, my review is not uninformed. I was there and there was a big sign saying Di Hao nightclub. And no sign or no advertising mentioning about Xscape. You can just see the name from the pictures I took.

      I see on the Facebook page of Xscape that the club opened just a few weeks ago at the end of January. I was in VIentiane from 24th January to 1st February so I guess it was just its beginning and maybe no sign yet.

  3. The black guy you talk about is the legendary DJ Xam he seems french I am not sure he speaks very good English he is also known as monkey scratch he is married to a french girl not lao french. I was at this club it's New and fresh he took over from the Chinese guys and still working on the decor. This guy when I met him I thought he was gay but he is very professional and particular. He is a master of many trades and he has travelled a lot. I was surprised he speaks more than five languages fluently. Honestly I don't know his true nationality he is a misterious chap. I have a lot of respect for him he has been in laos for a long time and he speaks laos and has a lot of influential friends. Apart from being black he is really a nice guy and super sympathetic I learnt a lot in a short time. I hope you had spent more time with him. He will kill all of what you think about laos from me he is the true lao ambassador .

  4. Ha ha ha please check your information your update is not informative, I was there tonight, NO GIRLS, the club was super fun, hip hop and R and B maybe 30 seconds of EMD. The phone numbers you provided are wrong from what I gather club xscape has nothing to do with Ti Hao in fact they do their own thing, they seem to have a zero tolerance for clients from the karaoke. I am not sure how they manage but I was told xscape is a members only club go figure. Any way I like their double up promotion I was disappointed because I could not find girls yet glad that I was finally in a place I could be with my girlfriend and fall in love again, dance the night away. The wall paper is magazine papers it did not ruin our night somehow it looks more Brooklyn than asian. I hope the black guy pun intended has more support as I see he had done a great job.