Phoenix Club (Udon Thani)

By Tibs
Phoenix is the most modern nightclub in Udon Thani (Thailand) and also one of the most popular with younger clubbers.

My hotel (Centara - very recommended) was only 500 meters from the club so I spent 3 nights in a row there. The thing I liked the most about Phoenix is that it gets crowded even on weekdays, especially after midnight. It is much nicer than hanging out in the depressing farang bars of Samphan Thamit street.

There is no entrance fee and the prices of drinks are moderate (100THB for a Chang beer, 1,500THB for a bottle). There is no dress code but if you plan on socializing, you should really avoid looking like a tourist.

Inside, you have between 95% and 100% of Thai customers (depending on the night). I was surprised by how gorgeous some of the girls were, much better than any you would meet during daytime in Udon Thani. Many seemed to be just normal girls who come to enjoy the music and have a good time with their friends. If you are not shy, it is easy to get a few phone numbers.

The club in itself is not so big but it looks nice and modern. You have a stage for live music bands (Thai songs) in one of the corners, and then about 30 tables on the dancefloor. On the ceiling, they've hanged a cool replica of a Star Wars spaceship.

When the live band is not playing, the DJs will mix mostly recent EDM songs as you can see on this video I shot:
Phoenix Nightclub
29-30 Adunyadet Road
Udon Thani, Thailand

For events and photos: Phoenix Udon Thani

Opening Hours:
Every day from 9PM to 2AM

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