2 hours from Bangkok, the resort town of Pattaya boasts one of the naughtiest and craziest nightlife in the world.

There are literally thousands of entertainment venues in the city, mostly beer bars, gogo bars, massage parlors and nightclubs. And they all have one thing in common: Prostitution.

The whole town is just one massive red-light district spanning over 10 kilometers where most of the human beings you'll meet are either paying for sex or making money from sex.

I say "most" because there is a cleaner side to Pattaya as well. Blending with sex tourists and hookers, some families and couples come to enjoy a normal holiday by the beach, seemingly unbothered by the surroundings. This is not the side of Pattaya I will write about here.

I only went to Pattaya for a total of 4 night, meaning I only scratched the surface of its nightlife. The idea of the article below is not to be as complete as possible, but simply to give you a quick summary of the best areas for party, the most famous gogo bars, the best nightclubs and the recommended places to stay.

Quick Tips About Pattaya Nightlife
Walking Street at night
Opening and closing hours
Beer bars / live music cafés are generally open in the afternoon at 1PM and close around 1AM.
Gogo bars usually stay open from 6PM until 2AM or 3AM.
Nightclubs will open between 10PM and 3AM or 4AM.

→ Note: If you are not familiar with the term "beer bars", all you need to know is that they are small, kind-of-shitty bars with a few seats, a TV and a pool table. They usually have 6 to 10 hostesses who sell sex, companionship and beers. Pattaya has thousands of them and they are the most popular joints among older expats on a budget (because the cost of prostitutes and bar fines is half what it is in gogo bars).

Average prices
Local beer: From 60THB in beer bars to 80THB in gogo bars and nightclubs
Entrance fee for clubs: Free for Walking Street clubs unless there is a special event - 200THB to 400THB with one or two drinks for Thai discos.

Meeting "normal" girls
If you are thinking about meeting a normal girl or finding a girlfriend in Pattaya, you should cancel your trip and go somewhere else.

Tourist clubs on Walking Street will have at least 95% of working girls, maybe slightly less in venues like Insomnia, 808 and Lucifer (see below). If you want to score with a non-professional, you'll need both some luck and some skills.

To make things easier, you can visit a local Thai disco such as Differ, Noir or Hollywood. Those places are known to have a lower proportion of prostitutes and not as many foreigners. If you speak a few words of Thai and dress sharp, you should at least be able to get a few phone numbers.

In my opinion, the most simple way to meet a Thai girls is to use online dating sites. ThaiCupid is the most popular in Thailand and it always has several thousands of girls online at anytime. Many among them are looking to marry a foreigner and they won't mind if you live outside Thailand. It's a great way to make a few contacts before landing.

I also tried Tinder and Badoo but it didn't work well as most profiles are either prostitutes or ladyboys.

Travel insurance:
Must-have - To know about the cost of a proper insurance for your trip, you can make a quick quotation here: WorldNomads.

Best hotels near the nightlife in Pattaya
Wave Pattaya (180$/night): Recent beachfront property considered one of the best in Pattaya. Best location possible.
Baraquda by Sofitel (140$/night): Central, great swimming pool but starting to age.

Blue Ocean Suite Pattaya (80$/night): Next to Central Festival Mall, 5 minutes from Walking Street and Soi LK. Best value for money.

Metro Apartment Pattaya (25$/night - next to a bar in Soi LK) or Nemos Guesthouse and Massage (25$/night - above a massage parlour in Soi Diana)

Love Inns
Naughty hotels (Love Inns) are girl-friendly hotels, often with short-time rates, that feature some sort of kinky features (mirrors, porn movies, see-through shower rooms, circle bed, discreet entrance). A famous one is Full Love InnPenthouse Hotel is another interesting property with thematic rooms (ideal for bachelor parties).

Best time to visit Pattaya
→ December to January: Cool weather, dry season, but more crowded and expensive.
→ June to September: Rainy every day in late afternoon, fewer tourists, cheaper and with a favorable girls/guys ratio.
→February, March, April, October, November: Very hot weather, occasional storms, quiet during weekdays.

Pattaya Nightlife Areas

There is some kind of nightlife everywhere in Pattaya. Wherever your position, you'll never be more than a few meters away from a bar.

Some areas have an even higher concentration of venues:

Walking Street
Walking Street during the day
This is the most famous and busiest nightlife street in Pattaya. It is about 500 meters long and filled with gogo bars, beer gardens, ping pong shows, live music pubs and nightclubs. On average, those venues are classier and more expensive than elsewhere in the city.

If you are a tourist, it's a fun walk and you'll even see some families and couples who are there just out of curiosity. You can enter any bar to have a look and leave it if you don't like. In general the staff won't mind.

Two things you should be careful with: Ping pong shows and Russian cabaret. Both will charge you inflated prices and I would advise to avoid them.

There are a few side streets off Walking Street that have more naughty gogo bars: Soi Diamond, Soi 15, Soi BJ or Soi Happy. As you progress towards Soi 16, you'll notice that the bars cater to a more Arab and Indian crowd.

The most famous venues in or near Walking Street are the following:

Baccara A Gogo
It is similar to Baccara Bangkok, with even prettier girls. Some are topless, some wear a bikini. Expats will tell you it is a tourist trap because the girls are only looking for ladies drink, but then it is the nicest tourist trap you'll ever fall into.

The same group also owns Peppermint Gogo and Happy A Gogo (the latter is the oldest gogo bar in Pattaya). Both are recommended as well.

Windmill A Gogo
If you are looking for the trashiest bar in Walking Street, look no further than Windmill. Built on two floors, it is a "hands on" bar meaning you are allowed to touch the girls as long as you buy them ladies drinks. Their ladies are rather average looking but they'll compensate by going completely wild. On the podium, they'll perform lesbians and sex shows. Within the bar, they'll let customers do pretty much anything in front of everyone. I was quite surprised with the scenes I saw, especially considering I had read a few days before the story of a Farang being arrested for performing oral sex on a bargirl. If the police came to Windmill on any nights they could round up a few more guys...

The owner of Windmill is also behind Sugarbaby A Gogo.

Insomnia Nightclub
Currently the best nightclub in Walking Street. Lots of young people and many gogo girls who come after work. Come early to secure a table as it gets really crowded after 1AM. EDM music.

Below Insomnia is I-Bar which is part of the same group. It is semi-open and slightly less crowded.

More information: Insomnia Pattaya.

My second favorite nightclub on Walking Street. It was renovated and reopened in December 2016. Great design and atmosphere but rather small (not more than 200-pax capacity). There is a large circular bar in the middle and a small dancefloor. Young and beautiful crowd.

Marine Nightclub
Hardcore music in a huge room with older Western clients and prostitutes. Pool tables in the back. Lots of ladyboys.

The Pier
Narrow nightclub on 2 floors next to Galaxy (Russian club). They have very pretty dancers but it isn't so busy. I saw more Thais customers than foreigners. EDM/hip hop music. You can smoke shisha.

More information: The Pier Pattaya

808 Nightclub
Hip hop and Rn'B nightclub. So packed you can barely move or dance. It has less prostitutes than elsewhere on Walking street. Many blacks and Arabs.

More information: 808 Pattaya

This nightclub is at the end of Walking Street and more popular with Russians. 2 areas (hip hop and EDM). Strangely, Indians are not allowed yet they can be seen everywhere inside. Same owner as Mixx Bangkok (see my list 30 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok).

Soi LK Metro
Gogo bar in Soi LK Metro
This is a newer nightlife area, less touristy compared to Walking Street. You'll find around 15 gogo bars and some guest-friendly, short-time hotels. This is where the more hardcore sex tourists and long-term residents of Pattaya will hang-out. Most visitors are Europeans, Americans and Australians.

Many of the gogo bars aren't really different from one another. The most famous is probably Champagne, the first ever gogo to have opened on Soi LK.

Another famous spot is Devil's Den, the Pattaya equivalent to Eden Club in Bangkok. This is a brothel with older, yet particularly naughty girls known for their open-mindedness towards anal sex and threesome.

Other Streets
Soi 6 during the day
Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8 and Soi 13/1, Soi 13/2
Those streets are filled with mostly beer bars and massage parlors.

The customers are generally older Westerners who've retired to Pattaya. I find this scene extremely boring but if you are a sex tourist on a budget you should probably hit one of these streets. You can get a short time for just 1,000THB (compared with 2,000-3,000THB in gogo bars).

60% of the girls are not attractive, 20% are just OK, 10% are hot and the rest are ladyboys. There are often short-time rooms very nearby (sometimes directly above the beer bars like in Soi 6).

Jomtien is a more relaxed beach town about 15 minutes by taxi from South Pattaya. A friend had recommended I should take a look, but I hated it. It is more of a cemetery for old Westerners than a fun party zone. On average, the customers in the beer bars are at least 65 and the girls are not that young either. If you feel that this could be your scene, you'll find most venues on Jomtien Soi 3 and Soi 5.

Gay Nightlife
Pattaya is rumored to have the largest gay nightlife in Asia. The gay bars and clubs are conveniently located in a red-light district 5 minutes away from Walking Street. Soi 13/4 (or Boyzone) is the busiest and most colorful. Alternatively, you can try Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/4) and to a lesser extent Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/2 or Soi Post Office). 

Thai Discos
Thai discos are located a bit further away from the main tourist areas. They cater to a local crowd, but they are gaining popularity among foreigners who want to meet normal Thai girls.

My advice would be to bring a date from ThaiCupid with you. They usually love these places because they can hear some live music (in Thai). You can buy a bottle for around 50-60$ and share it with her (most likely she'll bring friends along).

Some of the most famous Thai discos in Pattaya are:

A legendary nightclub with a mixed crowd Thai/foreigners (among which many Asians). 400THB entry with 2 drinks. Quite a lot of prostitutes.

Upmarket EDM club in North Pattaya. 200THB entry for foreigners with a free beer. Many girls from Bangkok on holiday in Pattaya.

Next to Hollywood, this is a live music club with Thai songs. Fun atmosphere, laid-back crowd, less stylish compared to Noir (which belongs to the same group).

An old disco with a variety of shows from coyote dancers to live music.

A brand-new luxury nightclub, I tried to visit it but it was closed. I'm not sure about the current status.

Indian/Arab Clubs
There are some nightclubs in Pattaya specifically targeting Indians and Middle-easterners. The only one I went to was Tony's on Walking Street (entrance fee 250THB with one drink). Inside, there was a very high proportion of guys (I remember that not even one girl was dancing) and a few average-looking prostitutes. The sound level was deafening and it took me three days to recover my hearing.

There are more venues that I didn't try such as Lima Lima and Nashaa. They have Bollywood/Arab music and sometimes belly dancers.

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