NASA KTV and Entertainment is one of the nightclubs that you will find in Mingalar Market, a short taxi ride from downtown Yangon. The other ones are JJ, Channel V, Asia Entertainment City, Franc-Franc and 9-F.

It is in the same building as the MZ Hotel which, I suppose, has short-time room and a friendly policy towards prostitutes.

I visited NASA on a Tuesday night around 10PM. The entrance process is similar to that of nearby clubs: A well-dressed host will escort you from outside the club to the elevator, then to the ticket counter (entrance fee of 5,000MMK with one beer). After you undergo a very thorough body check, he'll get you a table and call a waiter. He will make sure you drink arrives, then ask for a tip and leave.

For a Tuesday night, the club was surprisingly almost full with a crowd of young middle-class Burmese. There seemed to be many gays and lesbians among them. I wouldn't say that all the girls were prostitutes, but at least 50%.

I was the only foreigner and it was a bit weird. A security guard and a waiter were standing idle next to me for the whole time. I'm not sure if they wanted to give me a VIP service or if they wanted to spy on me. I was trying to take photos so I would make sense.

The club set-up is exactly like in Channel V: You have a large, low-ceiling rectangle room with a central dancefloor and high tables on the sides. It is quite dark but you can still see the people surrounding you.

It has a underground feel as it is a bit old and not particularly clean. Even though there is a big sign "No Drugs" at the entrance, I'm quite sure some of the clubbers were high. For sure they were dancing pretty hard.

The sound level was deafening, especially if you stand near the speakers. The DJ was playing various fast-beat remixes from old and recent songs. Not too bad.

Overall: If you like local nightclubs with a slightly underground atmosphere, NASA is worth checking out. I'm sure it gets much busier on weekends also. There is also a karaoke that I didn't try.

NASA KTV & Entertainment
Mingalar Zay Thit, Blok C, 4th Floor
Banyar Dala Road, Yangon, Myanmar

Operating Hours:
Every day from 8PM to 2AM

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