Muse Nightclub (Yangon)

By Jakarta100bars
Muse is a nightclub located in the Yangon International Hotel complex in Yangon. It is below the karaoke M-Box (Music Box) and only 1 minute walking distance from Pioneer.

I didn't have to pay an entrance fee to get in but I quickly understood the reason why: It was almost empty! I think there were only two girls, probably prostitutes, and a group of 5 guys dancing below the DJ. I only stayed 5 minutes to finish my beer (3,000MMK - pricey), then left. (Note: It was a Saturday night).

As I'm writing this review, I see from their photos (see above) on their Facebook page that they have more busy nights once in a while, especially when they welcome guest DJs. You may want to check if there is an event before you go.

On normal nights, the music is commercial dance music and Top 40 remixes. Nothing original.

I can't really talk about the crowd considering there weren't so many clubbers there. My impression is that they target medium to upper class Burmese, and that they also allow a few prostitutes inside (a waiter asked me if I wanted a lady). I don't think foreigners are aware that this place exists.

Overall: Muse was opened in January 2016 and it still looks relatively new. The design is not really impressive though, especially if you compare it to Fuse or The Clubhouse. As it is not busy, I cannot recommend it but you can't still have a look if you go to Pioneer.

Muse Nightclub
No.330 Alone Road, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone number: 09 730 90680

Operating Hours
Every day from 10pm to 2AM

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