Pictures were forbidden inside the club so all I have is this lousy photo of the entrance.
JJ is a nightclub and KTV located in Mingalar Mon Market, 100 meters off Banyar Dala Road (Yangon). It is in the same building as Channel V nightclub, Club Franc-Franc and opposite NASA KTV.

It has a similar concept as Emperor: In the early hours of the evening, you can watch a fashion show performed by young Burmese girls (who happened to work for the karaoke) and once finished, a DJ will play very loud house remixes until 2AM.

The place looks luxurious, a bit over the top with everything either made of fake gold or marble. The main lounge has an elevated dancefloor/podium, with tables all around. It kind of looks like a Thai gogo bar without the gogo dancers.

I paid 5,000MMK to enter with one free beer (3,000MMK if you are a girl). A lady GRO accompanied me from the outside of the club up to the 4th floor, then she got me seated, brought me the menu and took my order. I was afraid she was going to stand there all night next to me but she left after I tipped her.

There were quite many foreigners inside, including some Koreans expats I talked to in the elevator. A group of backpackers were also dancing on the podium with their backpacks on. 3 security guards were standing on the dance floor as if there was some kind of immediate danger they had to take care of. A bit strange. Apart from them, it is mostly prostitutes that are quite pro-active in their search for customers. Just stare at them for 2 seconds and they'll come for a talk.

It's not the best club I've been to in Yangon. The music is too loud and not really good. No normal girls apart from prostitutes. Efficient but pushy staff (even in the toilet they asked for tips to turn on the faucet). I recommend you to go to Channel V instead, just one floor above.

Opening Hours:
Every day until 2AM.

JJ Entertainment Club and KTV
4th Floor, Mingalar Mon Market
Set Yon Road, off Banyar Dala Road, Yangon

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