Inya Bar is an upmarket nightclub located within the Inya Lake Hotel Complex in the northern part of Yangon. It occupies a small, independent building next to DJ's Bar and Opera Restaurant. It used to be called GTR.

If you are visiting from downtown Yangon, the taxi ride should last about 15 minutes and cost 4,000MMK. As long as you are in the area, you can also try Fuse club at the Myanmar Plaza Mall.

I made the mistake to arrive in Inya Bar way too early at 11.20PM. The place was deserted but the receptionist told me that it would eventually fill up after midnight. I waited and while a few groups came in, by 1AM there were only around 60 people.

Among them, I was the only foreigner. The rest of the crowd was made of Burmese in their late 20s, including a lot of girls. Some were probably prostitutes, but some looked normal. As often in Yangon nightclubs, they were all dancing with tremendous enthusiasm.

The club looks kind of new, but it is not that modern in design. It is a simple square-shaped room with 2 VIP areas on the side, around 30 high tables (with no chairs), and a dance floor. The DJ plays your usual Top 40 EDM remixes from an elevated podium. They have foreign DJs about once a month (Thai, Europeans, Australians).

The entrance fee is 10,000MMK and it includes one drink. Beers cost 3,000MMK for a Tuborg and 3,5000 for a Carlsberg. They don't seem to serve spirits by the glass as most people order bottles (starting at 40$).

Inya Bar
37 Inya Lake Hotel, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Yangon
Phone number: 09 25 88 35 885

Operating Hours:
Every day from 10PM to 4AM

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