Fuse is the most happening nightclub in Yangon at the time of writing (2017). It was opened in May 2016 in the brand-new mall and lifestyle center Myanmar Plaza. It is in an affluent neighborhood about 8 kilometers from downtown Yangon (Chinatown). During the day, the traffic to go there can be hellish but at 1AM, it won't take more than 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose a hotel nearby, for instance the luxurious Sedona.

Fuse is on the 4th floor of Myanmar Plaza, right next to Eclipse, a nice rooftop bar with a beer garden vibe. I arrived in Fuse at 2.30AM on a Saturday night, just 30 minutes before closing time (3AM). I had been told it closed at 4AM otherwise I would have visited earlier.

Anyway, the club was still crowded and I managed to negotiate a free entrance. I was shocked to hear the entrance fee for walk-in guests was 20,000MMK (30,000MMK for VIP entrance), twice as much compared to any other nightclubs in Yangon. Drinks inside are also more expensive than average (7,000MMK for a glass of spirits + mixer). In fact, most customers book a table with a group of friends and share a few bottles (starting 85,000MMK). If you do so, you get a discounted entrance fee at 10,000MMK. It is the most recommended thing to do because there is no real dancefloor in Fuse.

Below are the bottle packages that you can buy:
As you can imagine, the clients inside Fuse are young, upper-class Burmese who are used to go clubbing elsewhere in the world. Some of them are obviously local celebrities/socialites/models. I also saw a handful of Westerners and maybe some Koreans/Japanese.

The resident DJs are among the most famous in Myanmar and they play mostly commercial EDM, Trap, Hip Hop and Top 40. Typically, there will be 5 DJs playing a one-hour DJ set each. They also welcome international guest DJs regularly, particularly from other Asian countries.

The venue is non-smoking. You can go outside to smoke on a terrace, probably the best spot to meet and talk to girls.

Opening Hours:
From 10pm to 3AM from Wednesday to Sunday

Fuse Nightclub Yangon
4th floor, Myanmar Plaza
1 Sat Mhu Road
Yangon, Myanmar

Reservation (from 2PM to 9PM): 09 44 000 77 88 

Instagram: Fuse Yangon
Facebook: Fuse Nightclub

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