Club 5 is a live music bar/nightclub located inside the 5-star Parkroyal Hotel. It is a short taxi ride from the downtown area (1 kilometer).

You don't need to go to the lobby to reach it as you have a dedicated entrance on the side of the hotel. You'll need to pay a first drink charge of 12 dollars (16,200MMK) to get in, only if you are not a hotel guest. All prices inside are in dollar and more expensive than average for Yangon. A cocktail will cost at least 8$ for instance.

Club 5 is not different from other luxury hotel bars I've been to in Asia: You have a middle-aged expat and business crowd, a particularly high ratio of women to men (I mean there is a lot of prostitutes), a quality band and great service.

When I visited on a Saturday night, the band was an all-female group playing all-time favorites from Nirvana to Lady Gaga. They were fun to watch and interacting with their audience between each songs. During breaks, a DJ would replace them and mix commercial house music.

The club is rather big and it was only half-full. If you are alone, the best place to sit is around the central circular bar where you can easily meet other people. Some pretty working girls will stare at you and give you the impression that you are a handsome celebrity. I read that only 20 prostitutes are allowed to work at the same time in Club 5. I didn't count how many there were that night but probably close to that number.

If you are with a group, it is better to book a table. The best ones are the two VIP areas with sofas on the corners. They are a bit far from the band though so you may choose instead the high tables closer from the dancefloor.

One of the most popular nightclubs in Yangon among the 40+ business and expat crowd (30% Westerners, 20% Japanese, and the rest unidentified). It is also a pick up place for those looking for (paid) sex. If you don't mind the prostitution scene, it is still a fun place to party and enjoy live music.

I took a few videos while I was there:
Club 5 Music Club
33, Alan Pya Pagoda Road, Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone number: +951 250 388 – Ext. 8103/8139

Opening Hours:
Every day until 1AM

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