BME Entertainment (or BME 2) is a bottle nightclub located near Inya Lake, about 500 meters from the US and Korean embassies. It is just before Le Planteur, one of Yangon's most famous restaurants.

Be careful as some websites still indicate the old address at Summit Park Hotel. It has moved for several years already.

From the outside, BME 2 looks exactly like DJ's Bar (click to see the photo).

As you walk inside, there is a big sign "Members Only' but this is obviously just for the show as I was able to get in easily. The entrance fee is 15,000MMK with one beer but if you are with a group, it is better to buy a bottle starting 65,000MMK (Grey Goose Vodka for 80,000MMK) instead.

Considering it is one of the most expensive nightclubs in Yangon, I was disappointed at first to discover that there isn't anything really special inside. The music (commercial EDM) or the design (dark, mid-size room with a central dancefloor, high tables around it and VIP sofas in the corners) are the same as in almost every clubs I've been to in the city.

There were only about 40 people inside in BME, among which 30 guys, 10 girls, and only 2 foreigners. Some of the girls were probably hostesses or prostitutes, but not all of them.

I was about to leave, when one of the foreign guys started to buy shots to absolutely everyone. After that, a Burmese guy felt obliged to do the same, and soon I had four glasses on my table. This certainly broke the ice among everybody and I ended up staying 2 hours.

Overall: BME Entertainment is one of the best alternatives to Fuse for upmarket clubbing in Bahan (expat area in North Yangon). It is a bit more relaxed, less pretentious and it has an older crowd. Before visiting, you can check their Facebook page to know about their upcoming events: Club BME.

BME 2 Nightclub
No.88 A, University Avenue Road, Bahan District
Yangon, Myanmar

Phone number: 09 799 993179
Facebook: Club BME

Opening Hours:
Every day from 10PM to 4AM

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