Asia Entertainment City is a large nightlife complex occupying the 7th, 8th and 9th floor of a building in Mingalar Market. It is next to the nightclubs JJChannel V and NASA.

The 7th floor has a KTV and a spa/massage parlor. The massage certainly includes a plus plus or sex. I was told it costs 4,000MMK for the basic body massage. I don't know if more tips are required.

The KTV is called 747 and the rooms are looking tired.

The 8th floor has some VIP karaoke rooms and a big stage with fashion shows from 10PM to 1.30AM. It looks almost the same as Emperor and caters to Chinese, Koreans and Japanese customers. The music is mostly local (or maybe it was Chinese, I can't tell).
On the 9th floor, you will find an old disco (called 757) that has a dozen of freelance prostitutes. It is just a square with a central dancefloor and tables all around it. Nothing really original.

It wasn't very crowded but the few people dancing seemed to be having a lot of fun. The crowd is mostly made of guys and it is older compared to NASA or Channel V. The few girls who were there looked like they were picked up on a farm on the same morning: Young and not really confident walking with their high heels. A bit sad to watch honestly.

The music was not too loud, which is rare in Yangon. The DJ was playing a lot of remixes including some Burmese and some old Top 40 songs.

The toilets were not very clean but the janitor still had time to give back massage to guests (for a tip).
Not my favorite place in Mingalar Market. I'd recommend JJ or Channel V instead.

The entrance fee is 5000MMK and it gives you access to both the 8th and 9th floors.

Operating Hours:
Everyday from 8PM to 2AM (the disco closes at 00.30AM)

Asia Entertainment City: Disco, KTV and Spa
New Mingalar Market (A),7F,8F,9F
Yangon, Myanmar

Phone number: 01 861 9270

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