Note from Jakarta100bars: One of my readers sent me the following email regarding abortion in Indonesia. I'm publishing it because it might interest some people. This is NOT a professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor if you need to perform an abortion. You can also get support from Indonesian women's group such as Samsara (email: or Misocare.

"Hi Thibaud,

As you know, abortion is officially forbidden in Indonesia. My girlfriend got pregnant a few weeks ago and since we didn't want to keep the baby, we had to find a solution.

We considered several options, including going to Vietnam where abortion is legal. Finally, we met an expat who told us it could be done in Jakarta because my girlfriend had been pregnant for just a couple weeks.

In my home country in Europe, chemical abortion follow this procedure:

→ 1st step: The girl takes one pill of Mifepristone (Mifegyne) to stop the pregnancy to develop further
→ 2nd step: After two days, she must take Cytotek (Misoprostol). This is to make the bleedings start (and therefore the flushing of the fetus).

You can read on the net about details, possible side effects, etc.

However, it seems like in Indonesia, the focus is only on the Cytotek if doing abortion by pills.

A friend of mine (who is a doctor) said Cytotek is enough if pregnancy is in early stage (but if later, better to take both pills like described before, for better chance of success).

It was surprisingly easy to get Cytotec in Jakarta. The reason is that this drug is primarily used for healing ulcers in the stomach, but the “side effects” is making cramps in the uterus and if 4 pills are taken, it will make heavy bleeding – making abortion happen as a “side effect”.

One would think that Cytotek was forbidden in countries where abortion is forbidden, but because Cytotek has another purpose, it seems easy to get.  

My girl called a “pramuka” (a grocery store for apoteks - pharmacies) and bought it online, also ordered home delivery. Very easy. Maybe you can get it in ordinary apotek also, I don’t know. There are also many illegal reseller on internet, for instance on Instagram (you can check the tag Cytotek for instance). The price depends on the number of pills you need, which depends on how long your girl was pregnant. You can expect to pay IDR1M for 1 month pregnancy and double that for 4 month pregnancy. I can't vouch for them as I didn't try.

Also remember, if taking Cytotek for abortion, the girl should also take Ibuprofen (ibux) as painkillers as the possibility for big pain is very high. Ibuprofen does not influence the effects of the Cytotek. One can also buy Ibuprofen from the pramuka together with the Cytotek, of course.

Remember also, the pain and bleeding can be very strong (as my girl experienced), so one should be able to contact doctor or hospital as a security if pain / bleeding is very heavy. It is for your own safety.

It is better to be looked upon as a “bad girl” than to bleed to death. My girl experienced heavy pain and bleeding so she had to go to hospital. There, she got painkillers and treatment, but she said the doctors looked at her with an attitude (did not believe her because she would not tell about abortion). So this is big stigma in Indonesia. To be pregnant if not married – very bad.

Okay, hope you can use this information in Jakarta100bars."

If you have had a similar experience, please don't hesitate to share with readers below in the comments.

There seems to be a private clinic in Cikini that performs abortion as well but I don't have more details. You can see their Instagram profile here: Klinik Aborsi Cikini.

2 comments to '' Abortion in Indonesia: My Personal Experience "

  1. Dear all brothers... I agree with above article... The drug probably work in early stage of pregnancy... But of course the side effects is heavy.. With some stigma in girl reproduction... Some of girl will very hard to get pregnant in future... Because they already aborted their first pregnancy with bad treatment..

    It would better never forget used contraception... If you just merely for sexual pleasure...

    But if you dare to not use condom or another... I just suggest be gentle.. Be a man... Accept your future baby..

  2. I just take the pill the pain doesn't want to go away