9F Entertainment, also called 9th Floor, is a nightclub located in Mingalar market, in the same building as JJ (4th Floor) and Channel V (5th Floor). Note that the 7th and 8th floor have a massage parlor plus plus (4,000MMK for a body massage with a happy ending). I didn't try but I you have, you can leave a comment below...

From all the nightclubs in Mingalar Market, 9F is the cheapest but also the friendliest. The entrance fee is 4,000MMK and it includes 2 free small beers (served in a plastic cup).

It is a large, single-room club that could probably hold up to 1000 clubbers if full. During my visit, there were only about 100 people which was not bad considering it was a Tuesday.

I was the only foreigner there, and the staff seemed surprised by my presence. They kept saying: You want go JJ? You looking ladies?

After I said no, one waiter stayed next to me and didn't move. After each sip of beer I drank, he folded a paper towel and gave it to me so I could wipe. That's was a bit ridiculous but I played along and gave him a tip.

The Burmese crowd was quite young and not particularly fancy. There were some normal girls among them, but mostly freelance prostitutes. Gays and lesbians (tomboys) seem to enjoy the place as well.

The sound level was higher than anywhere else I've been to in Yangon. If you stay in 9-F too long I'm pretty sure you'll damage your ears permanently. Bring some earplugs if you are sensitive to noise.

The DJ was playing the usual pop and Top 40 upbeat remixes. Nothing really new here.

Overall: Just OK. Channel V is better.

Opening Hours:
Every day until 2AM.

9F - 9th Floor
9th Floor, Mingalar Mon Market
Set Yon Road, off Banyar Dala Road, Yangon

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