Zona is one of the most famous nightclubs in Makassar. It is located on the seafront next to Swiss-Belhotel (Rp500,000/night) and walking distance from the city's top attractions like Fort Rotterdam and Losari Beach (and also the red-light district on Jalan Nusantara). Two more recommended guest-friendly hotels nearby are the Aston (Rp600,000/night) or Whiz Prime (Rp250,000/night).

Zona Café is surprisingly quite modern even though it was opened 7 years ago already. It features giant LCD screens, a laser show, a good sound system and even some pyro. It is not so big (maybe 400 people capacity) with 2 VIP sofa space at the entrance and on the side. I like that their bar is in the middle of the room so even if you are alone you can still chat with some other people.

Zona Makassar functions like 90% of the clubs in Indonesia: You have a live band and a DJ every night, some sexy dancers and several lady companions (called Guest Relation Officers or GRO here). On Saturday, there is generally either a famous band or a DJ from Jakarta. Visitors come with a group of friends and stay between themselves around a table. They order bottles or beer towers, not individual drinks. The staff is friendly and performs a show once a night, including the bartenders (bar flair).

It is busy on weekends (and to a lesser extent on Wednesdays) but the rest of the week is typically quiet.

Some of the bands may sing rather slow-paced love songs, especially the famous ones on Saturday. If that's not your thing, it is best to visit it after 2am.

There is a small café outside called Coffee Ping. It is a good place to chat with other party-goers.

Entrance fee:
Rp75,000 on weekends (FDC with 1 drink included) - Free for girls
Rp150,000 for special event (Ticket - no drinks included)

Zona Cafe & Nightclub
Jl. Ujung Pandang No. 2
Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 852 99 52 61 61 or +62 (0) 411 362 3451

Twitter: Zona Cafe MKS
Instagram: ZonaCafeMKS
Facebook: Zona Cafe Makassar

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  1. For warming up or enjoying sunset view , I recommend the Gravity skylounge on the 20th floor of the swiss-belhotel building. There is a live band and nice crowd with lots of Makassar upper society cute girls, drinks price is reasonable and it's the highest bar in Makassar. Very nice view over seafront and huge land reclamation project.