Malibu Café and Karaoke in Makassar is a bit of a naughty nightlife spot. It is located in Jalan Nusantara, a street where I counted at least 20 prostitute bars (full list below), on the 5th floor of a seedy hotel (Makassar Mulia).

Inside the club is actually not as bad as I expected. It is not particularly luxurious, but it is decent with proper sound and lighting. There are some girls, obviously lady companions for the karaoke, but they are not too pushy with clients.

You have a main stage with a live band, replaced by a DJ during breaks. The music is western (no dangdut, no funky house) so it is quite enjoyable. You also have sexy dancers wearing bikinis/bras.

One of the particularities of Malibu is their iconic "Hobbit Brothers", two small people who dance and entertain the crowd a few times in the evening. It is a bit embarrassing to watch it but in the end, they get a salary out of it. It reminded me of Manila's famous Midget Boxing Bar.
Red light district of Jalan Nusantara Makassar:
Malibu is in the middle of the prostitution area of Makassar, which is basically a 300-meter street with small cafés, dangdut pubs, karaokes, live halls, massage parlors and clubs. They are rather low-end and target locals. There are several short-time and girl-friendly hotels nearby but I'd recommend you to stay in the Swiss-Belhotel instead. It is only 5 minutes away by foot and it has its own nightclub (Zona).

Here is the list of the venues: Padi's Executive Karaoke, Lips Karaoke, Mekar Cafe, Mabua Cafe, Raja Mas, Studio 86, Venus, Melody Karaoke, MM Cafe, Makassar Pub, 7 & 7 Cafe, Andre Karaoke, Adipura Cafe I, II, III, Delima Cafe, Leo Karaoke, Cafe Dangdut, Top 9 Cafe, Taman Impian Cafe, Ariel Karaoke, Kafe Baji, Mirama, Dhika Karaoke, Cindy Karaoke, Bintang Executive, New Melody Karaoke, D'Everyday Live Music and Karaoke, Ratu 2 Café, Lae Lae Karaoke, Mega Café, Metro Sulawesi.

Malibu Café & KTV
Jalan Nusantara 48, Makassar Mulia, 5th Floor
Phone number: 0821 8968 8095

Free entry every night from Monday to Sunday.

Instagram: Malibu Makassar

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