Enigma is a complex on several floors with a nightclub, a sports bar, a billiard room and a restaurant. It is located in Gading Serpong, an area of South Tangerang (1 hour from Jakarta by car). It is walking distance from Summarecon Mall, Clique Bar & Kitchen, Grand Royal SpaAtria Hotel, Atria Residences, Ara Hotel and Ibis Hotel.

I visited Enigma once on a Saturday night. I didn't try the food and didn't play pool. I reached the place at 1AM, paid a Rp75,000 entrance fee (that included a beer) and went straight to the bar. The main room is quite large, with a low ceiling and a sort of underground feel. The crowd was young, not looking particularly fancy but definitely fun. The people I talked to were students living nearby, obviously from well-off families but with a limited budget. There were also a lot of ladies hanging around and some could have been hookers. At the end of the night, they all seemed to go home with guys they barely met. As far as I can tell, I was the only foreigner.

The DJ that night was playing commercial dance music, including some old songs. I remember hearing "I Like to Move it" and possibly "Baby One More Time" (my memory is blurred). Some clubbers were shaking their head so furiously that I suspect they were on some kind of drugs.

The prices are interesting, comparable to those in Kemang nightclubs. You can get a beer for less than Rp40,000 and a hard drink for under Rp80,000. There are promo on bottles before 12pm (2 Red Label for Rp1,1000,000). If you are a student, bring your ID card as you may get additional discount on food, shisha and pool.

It closed at 4am.

Overall: Enigma is much more laid-back than most nightclubs you'll go to in Jakarta. It is easy to meet people, the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is fun. Probably the best place for partying in Tangerang/Serpong at the moment.

Enigma Restaurant, Sports Bar, Pool and Nightclub
Ruko Paramount Digital Arcade no. 12-18
Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Phone number: +62 0) 21 542 030 01 or 087808608381
BB Pin: 56FEFE20
Email: info@enigmaserpong.com

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