Crown Dupan Club - Pekalongan

By Tibs
Crown Dupan is the only nightclub I know in Pekalongan. It is inside a complex that has the Dupan Square, a few restaurants, a water park, the Sahid Mandarin Hotel, a convention center, a karaoke, and a spa (Maharani).

Crown Dupan Club is a pocket of fun and freedom in an otherwise conservative provincial city. Alcohol is served freely as well as other, more illicit substances; Djs are most often sexy girls wearing short skirts and bikinis; girls are welcoming and happy to accompany you for a drink or more (for money of course). The crowd is quite diverse but overwhelmingly male from a middle-class background. You will certainly be the only foreigner there and you can expect to draw a lot of attention to yourself.

The music changes depending on the event. Most often you have EDM, sometimes Funky House. Live bands will play classic rock, Top 40, and Indonesian hits (including Dangdut).

Entrance fee for special events (about once every 2 weeks): Rp75,000 to Rp100,000 without drinks. Open every day.

Crown Dupan Club & Karaoke
Dupan Square Complex
Jalan Dr Sutomo - Baros, Pekalongan, Java

Phone number: +62 (0) 28 544 16 390 or mobile phone 081215178448
Blackberry Messenger: 573566BB

Upcoming events with more photos:
Facebook: Crown Dupan Club
Instagram: Crown Dupan Pekalongan
Photos from Dimas

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