Square is a high-end nightclub and karaoke located inside the I Baloi Hotel in Batam. It is about 10 minutes away by car from Kampung Bule in Nagoya and 5 minutes from BCS Mall by foot.

Along with Titanium, Square is one of the favorite nightlife venues in Batam among the local elite (a lot of Indonesian-Chinese inside). It is clean, modern, with a proper lighting and sound system, similar to the one you could find in Jakarta. There is a bit of a naughty side as usual in the karaoke (lady companions), but it is rather discreet. Plenty of normal girls visit Square, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it is a pick up place because most of them are visiting with their own group of friends.

The entrance fee is Rp150,000, which is the most you'll pay in Batam, and it entitles you to one free drink. There isn't much of a dancefloor so you should try to get a table near the main area, between the bar and the DJ. If the place is crowded, you'll probably need to buy a bottle for that (around Rp1M).

During normal weekdays, they have a resident live band and a resident DJ taking turn every 30/60 minutes. The band plays Top 40 and classic songs, the DJs mix trap/EDM music. On weekends, they often have more famous artists from Jakarta. It's best to check the schedule in advance on Facebook to avoid bad surprises: The first time we visited, the band was terrible and we got bored after 30 minutes. They also have hot dancers called the "Squarelicious babes", who perform with sexy clothes or bikinis.
Open from 8pm to 3/4am, from Rp600,000 for standard room to Rp3,000,000 for VVIP (up to 40 people).

Note about the hotel
My friends were staying in I Baloi Hotel but unfortunately, they were not entitled to a free entrance. Like everybody, they had to pay Rp150,000 to get in. Still, they strongly recommended it as one of the best places to stay in Batam, with a huge swimming pool and a lot of excellent street food nearby. The room rates are reasonable as well. You can check the prices here: I Baloi Hotel Batam.

Square Nightclub and KTV
I Baloi Hotel,
Baloi Kusuma Indah No.7, Batam, Riau, Indonesia

Phone number: +62 822 8032 3377
Email: squareclub_batam@yahoo.com

Facebook: Square Club

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