The Newton Hotel is a one-stop entertainment center located in Nagoya, Batam. It has a spa on the 2nd floor (plus plus of course), a karaoke the 3rd and the Planet 2 disco on the 5th. A few years ago, I had been to a pub called Double 2 on the 1st floor but last time I checked (October 2016), it had been replaced by a lounge with games. The "Hotel" is not exactly one, but it has short-term rooms. If you need a proper place to stay nearby, you can go instead to Swiss-Belinn which is walking distance.

Newton/Planet 2 is famous as both a place of prostitution and a place for buying drugs. As soon as you'll step inside, dealers will come to you and offer you pills of ecstasy for Rp350,000. Since the music is extremely loud and fast, and the club completely dark, I don't think this is a place you could possible enjoy unless you're completely high.

Overall: Typical Indonesian dugem disco. If you've never tried one, give it a go for your personal enlightenment.

Planet 2 Nightclub in Newton Hotel & Spa
Jalan Kompleks Nagoya City Walk, Batam, Riau
Phone number:+62 778 45 11 77

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  1. best place for high dude, very recomended
    ps : becarefull with the ladys, its very dark so use ure flashligh to chekthem, some have really ugly