Pacific Disco is the nightclub inside Pacific Hotel in Batam. This 4-star property is located just 3 minutes from the Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal and 10 minutes from Kampung Bule in Nagoya. It is famous for being oddly-shaped like a cruise ship (look at the pictures here to see how it looks like). 

The disco is on the ground floor, near from the entrance. There is also a karaoke on the 2nd floor and a spa called Octopuss that offers extra services (last floor).

Pacific Disco is normally busy on the weekends, particularly with Singaporeans. Their number has been reduced though in recent years. The place is very dark and loud, similar with other venues like Newton Hotel. Most of the girls inside are prostitutes who will ask you for ecstasy instead of lady drinks. Drugs can be bought very easily, even from the security or the waiters.

The problem with Pacific is that the music is awful most of the time. They'll have either live bands playing cheesy songs or ultra-fast techno that can only be enjoyed with drugs. For this reason, I don't plan on returning there anytime soon.

For karaoke lovers, the rooms have recently been renovated. Lady companions are available on request.
Pacific Hotel, Disco, KTV and Spa
Jalan Duyung, Batam, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 778 42 1111
Whatsapp: +62 (0) 821 6969 1111

Twitter: Pacific Batam

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