Mekar is a local one-stop entertainment center with a club (with live music), a bar, a karaoke, a restaurant, a billiard center, and a tourist shop. It attracts almost exclusively either Indonesian tourists or Lombok residents as the live bands play Indonesian songs and the DJs mix "funky techno house". Drug use is very likely. Foreigners might be interested by the sexy dancers and the lady companions from the karaoke.

The prices are rather cheap: A bottle of Finlandia vodka will cost you only Rp600,000 before midnight for instance (Rp750,000 after that).

Mekar Club, Karaoke and Billiard
Jalan Raya Senggigi, Batu Layar, Lombok

Phone number: +62 (0) 370 693 172
Pin Blackberry: 29C82433 / 2A7F5723

 Jl Raya Senggigi - Lombok
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