18 Hotels Near Batam Nightlife & Spas

By Tibs
In September/October 2016, I stayed over a month in Batam in Nagoya Mansion Hotel. As they have an interesting monthly rate at Rp6,500,000 for a studio, it can be an interesting option for long-stay guests.

For shorter stays though, I don't really recommend it as it is a bit far from everything with barely any food/shopping options very nearby.

I've compiled below a list of 18 hotels that are each conveniently located near Batam nightlife. Most of them have either an in-house nightclub, a bar, a karaoke, a massage parlour or a fully-equipped spa. They are all girl-friendly or guest-friendly.

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Harmoni Hotel (around Rp900,000/night)
This 4-star hotel is my first recommendation if you come to Batam for party. Though it is a bit expensive and not exactly new, it enjoys a perfect location: 5-minute taxi ride from Harbour Bay ferry terminal, 1-minute walk from the bars, restaurants and massage parlours of Kampung Bule (or NED Nagoya Entertainment Center), 1 minute from KFC/McDonald's, and it even has its own freelancer bar, the Noname Pub.

Be careful as the group Harmoni has 2 other hotels in Batam: Harmoni Suites (Nagoya) and Harmoni One (Batam Center).

Allium Hotel (around Rp650,000/night)
Only 200 meters from Harmoni, this is a newer hotel and less expensive hotel. The reason I'm not ranking it first is because it does not have any nightlife facilities (the café downstairs does even serve alcohol) and because there are many couples and families among the guests. There is a small street market near from it and it is across from the massage parlour Morena. Kampung Bule is only 3 minutes away by foot.

Planet Holiday Hotel (around Rp600,000)
This is a good, massive girl-friendly hotel with my favorite nightclub in Batam, F1 Club and KTV. It is also between Harbour Bay ferry terminal (5 minutes away) and Kampung Bule in Nagoya. You'll need just a few minutes by foot to go there. During the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they have a free shuttle but to the malls Nagoya Hills and BCS.

I Baloi Hotel (around Rp750,000)
This is a great 4-star hotel, one of the best in Batam. It is relatively new, has a very long swimming pool and an upmarket nightclub and KTV on its 2nd floor called Square. It could have been my top recommended place to stay in Batam, but it is located a bit far from Nagoya city center (5 minutes by car). On the bright side, the mall BCS is walking distance and there are many street food, hawkers stands and massage parlors around.

The cheaper Batam City Hotel Penuin (Rp400,000) and Gideon (Rp450,000) are in the same area and worth your consideration. Batam City Hotel Penuin in particular because it has the Dragon Pub and KTV inside it.

Swiss Belhotel Harbour Bay (around Rp850,000)
This is a new hotel with very comfortable rooms and an excellent buffet breakfast. It is located within the Harbour Bay complex so if this is where your boat arrives, you won't even need a taxi to go to your room (a Rp100,000 saving at least). Within walking distance, you can go to Titanium nightclub, M-One KTV or the Pacific Hotel (see below). Kampung Bule is 1,5 kilometers away.

There are cheaper accommodation options in Harbour Bay, all of them well-rated: Batam Harbour Hotel (around Rp500,000) and Zest Hotel (only Rp300,000).

Pacific Hotel (around Rp750,000)
This massive hotel has the particularity of being shaped like a cruise boat. It is walking distance from the Harbour Bay ferry terminal and mall but you'll probably need a taxi to go to Kampung Bule (just a 5-minute ride). Inside, you have a crazy nightclub called Pacific Disco and the spa plus plus Octopuss. There is also a food court with live music in the back. Just outside, you can walk to the high-end spa Atalanta (men-oriented). The rooms are a bit old so it is kind of an overpriced hotel.

Formosa Hotel (around Rp450,000)
Near Kampung Bule, this is a one-stop entertainment hotel with a massage parlour (King's Spa), a karaoke (Alishan KTV) and a restaurant. The mobile phone and gadget shopping center Lucky Plaza is next to it and there are several small massage parlors nearby (plus plus). The main drawback of Formosa is that it's an old hotel with limited comfort (AC not working properly, mold in the bathroom, tired bedding, etc). Some of the rooms have been renovated though so it is still a good value choice.

Da Vienna Hotel (Rp400,000) and Harmoni Suites (Rp500,000)
While those two hotels are not so central, they are still within walking distance from a lot of street food, massage parlors and game centers. They are also just across the road from the famous Windsor Food court, 5 minutes from Nagoya Hills by foot and 10 from Kampung Bule.

They are both new properties with modern amenities and a relatively low price. A good choice if you choose comfort over location.

Amaris Hotel (around Rp400,000)
This hotel is a bit far from the expat bars of Kampung Bule (10-minute walk), but it is right inside Nagoya Hills Shopping Center and only 100 meters from Delta Spa.

Nagoya Hill Hotel and Grand I Hotel are also nearby but they are about twice as expensive. They are brand-new properties with excellent room condition and service. They are close from family-friendly massage parlors (but also the Delta Spa Batam) and karaokes (Inul Vizta). Not really recommended for single guys interested in bars, but for couples why not.

Hotel Hana (around Rp200,000)
This is a budget hotel in Nagoya that offers the best value for money on the island. For just 15$, you have a comfortable room, AC, hot water, a flat-screen TV and a breakfast. There are a lot of massage parlours plus plus and brothels around (for instance New Berry Massage). You'll need to walk about 5 minutes to reach Kampung Bule. Good street food nearby too.

L Hotel (around Rp300,000)
This hotel is a bit hidden, at the end of Nagoya and next to a hangout for migrants (they were rejected from Australia and they don't have anywhere else to go to). The only reason I'm including it here is because the price is currently quite low and there is a nice spa and KTV in the facilities.

Did I forget a good girl-friendly hotel near nightclubs and massage parlors? Please leave a comment below if you have any recommendations or questions.

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1 comment to '' 18 Hotels Near Batam Nightlife & Spas "

  1. I've gone off the Panorama / Allium over the last couple of years as the rooms are pretty crummy, service levels vary and it gets packed at the week-ends.
    I think you've missed 3 that should be included:
    - Goodway, a Batam institution with big rooms, great location and an excellent breakfast.
    - Swiss Inn at Nagoya is cheap, nice clean rooms and a good breakfast - service here is excellent.
    - My favourite now is Nagoya One - OK rooms, good breakfast, cool location and that idiosyncratic Indonesian service I love. And its sooooo cheap.

    There are some hotels in the strip opposite BCS that often offer attractive rates.

    Thanks for the tip re. the monthly rates in Nagoya Mansion.