HH Discotheque in Planet Hotel 3 has to be one of the loudest I've ever been to in my life. I went inside  for only 20 minutes, but my ears are still ringing from the noise until today.

HH is one of the many ecstasy-oriented nightclubs in Batam, along with Planet 1, Planet 2 Newton and Pacific. They all have pretty much the same concept: Total darkness, aggressive techno music and drug dealers ready to serve you. There are also prostitutes naturally.

On the day I visited (Friday), it was quite busy but not as much as Newton. I ordered a regular beer which I was surprised to pay a whopping Rp75,000 (considering I had already bought a Rp30,000 entrance fee with no drinks). A few seconds after I sat, a security guard came to ask me if I wanted girls or ecstasy. I said no, then a waiter also tried. Later, a girl came to my table, introduced herself and asked me for drinks. She left immediately after I told her I didn't want to buy her anything. Anyway the club was so dark that I had no idea what her face looked like.

I didn't visit the rest of the complex but there seems to be a "hotel" (= a brothel), a massage parlour and a 24h KTV.

HH Club and KTV Batam
Nagoya City Centre Phase II Blok B No. 88 (Nagoya)
Phone number: +62 778 426611

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