Foreplay is a bar/live music lounge/nightclub located in the heart of Kampung Bule in Nagoya, Batam. It is the most upmarket venue in this area, and the only one with a first drink charge (Rp100,000 every day and any time, even when it is empty).

Considering this expensive entrance fee, I was expecting the place to be modern and exciting but I must say I was disappointed. I visited a Wednesday and it was rather quiet with only a few tables occupied. It is small and dark, and it looks rather old. Most of the people inside were either waiters or hostesses paid by the management. The band was playing mostly depressive love songs that seemed to put everyone to sleep. Thank God once in a while the DJ was playing more upbeat techno.

We spent about 45 minutes inside then left. One of the girls came to our table to introduce herself. I guess you can buy them drinks if you want their company for the evening.

Note: I visited again on a Friday and it was more busy and happening, particularly after 1AM.

ForePlay Club Batam (also spelled 4Play or FourPlay)
Kampung Bule - Nagoya Entertainment District (NED)
Komplek Batam Plaza Blok D No 1, Nagoya – Batam
Phone number: +62 811 700 2210

Instagram: Foreplay Nagoya

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