As you can imagine, Bengkulu nightlife is not the most glamorous in Indonesia. This coastal town is quite small, with only around 300,000 inhabitants and very few foreign tourists visiting it apart from surfers/backpackers. It does have an interesting history as it used to be a British possession from 1685 until 1824. Once called Bencoolen, it was given to the Dutch who, in return, agreed not to oppose British settlements in Singapore (among other things).

The options for sleeping in Bengkulu are limited but they are all rather cheap. I stayed in Tanjung Karang Hotel, which is clean, comfortable enough and costs only Rp300,000. You also have hotel chains like Santika or Amaris (closer from the nightlife). If you are on a budget, the cheapest option is Xtra Hotel.

What to do at night in Bengkulu?
I don't think you can have a real party during weekdays and the best thing you can do is simply eat in a seafood restaurant by the beach. On weekends, you may want to try one of the following nightclubs/bars:

New Malibu Café
New Malibu Café, near the beach, is probably the best place for partying. It is a lounge/club and karaoke with events every Saturday. They may have sexy dancers, a famous Indonesian DJ or a live band. Sometimes the songs are in Indonesian and the DJs play fast-beat "funky house", while sometimes it is more westernized. The entrance fee is Rp100,000 for special events.

The karaoke has about 10/15 lady companions and it is popular with businessmen/officials/local tourists. They have several packages, the cheapest one cost Rp1,000,000 for the room/10 beers and the most expensive Rp2,900,000 for the room/2 bottles of whisky.

Jalan Pariwisata, Pantai Panjang
Email :
Phone number: +62 (0) 85 36 66 22 652
BB Pin: 5a44c41d
Instagram: New Malibu Bengkulu
Facebook: NMLB Bengkulu

New Rainbow Club and Karaoke
New Rainbow, also on the beach front, is similar but probably more male-oriented. You have a bar/club area with generally female DJs (from Jakarta), sexy dancers and a live band.

During the week, you can visit on Wednesday as they have a campus night special for students.

Jl. Pariwisata Pantai Panjang No. 2
Phone number: +62 (0) 736-7321281 or Whatsapp: 081317999939
Pin BB: 5FA8739B
Instagram: New Rainbow Nightclub Bengkulu
Facebook: New Rainbow Club and KTV Bengkulu

Six Pattaya
Six Pattaya is a more underground type of club. It is darker, the music is more aggressive (trance, funky house, trap), and I suspect that alcohol is only the second most popular party substance. They also have a karaoke with girls.

You can get a KTV room with 3 bottles of whisky for Rp2,700,000. Otherwise, the prices are by the hour, from Rp80,000 for the Deluxe (8 people capacity) to Rp160,000 for the VVIP (24 people). 50% discount from 1pm to 6pm.

Jalan Pariwisata Pantai Panjang (yes again)
Phone number GRO: 0857 5832 4440 or 0852 0899 9610
Instagram: Bengkulu Six Pattaya

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