Penthouse Club and BSB Karaoke is a nightlife complex located in E-Walk Balikpapan Super Block. It is next to Hotel Gran Jatra (an upmarket hotel) and also near from My Place Spa.

The club is similar to LCC Le Centro Club with live music, DJs and lady companions all around. Almost all customers are Indonesian guys who come in groups. They buy a bottle, enjoy the music, get drunk, sing, and eventually try to bring one of the hostesses to a nearby hotel.

According to information found online, the price to have a lady companion goes from Rp350,000 to Rp550,000 depending on their beauty (Gold or Platinum). You can also ask for a model or a dancer (more expensive). As usual, those girls are not necessarily prostitutes, but some may be willing to let you have fun if you pay the right amount.

The music is rather varied: They have acoustic nights, reggae nights, blues nights, etc. The DJs play mostly EDM, House and Progressive. Sexy dancers every night. Free entrance but you must purchase a drink.

Penthouse Nightclub and BSB Karaoke
Lower Ground E-Walk Mall BSB Balikpapan, East Borneo
Phone number: 0542 721 8888

Twitter: Penthouse BNP

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