Sugar is a small nightclub and karaoke located in Yogyakarta. It is the current hotspot among the Chinese community, and one of the only upmarket men's club in the city (the other ones are EC and Boshe VVIP).

Sugar nightclub is about 10 minutes away from the famous Malioboro street, inside the Indoluxe Hotel. It is a good idea to sleep there during your stay in Yogyakarta. It is a girl-friendly 4-star property with a nice spa (Royal Spa) and a rooftop swimming pool. You can get a room for less than 50$ if you book in advance. To compare the price between Agoda, and others, click here: Indoluxe Hotel Yogyakarta.

Sugar is a recommended place for a bachelor/birthday party with friends. Ideally, you should reserve a sofa or a table and order a few bottles. You may request girls to accompany you at your table, or in your room if you prefer using the karaoke. You can also visit Sugar alone and pay a first drink charge of Rp50,000.

There are events almost every day and particularly sexy dancer shows. Compared to other nightclubs I've been to in Yogyakarta, this is easily the hottest place. Dancers are not nude or topless but they are motivated and they move well. The crowd is quite enthusiastic as well.

There are some normal girls within the club, but most are coming with friends so they are not easy to approach. You can come on ladies night every Wednesday for a better chance.

Sugar Nightclub and KTV (18 rooms)
Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar No.106
Phone number: +62 274 8722 388

Facebook: Sugar Yogya
Instagram: Sugar KTV and Club

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