Octagon Karaoke (Blok M)

By Jakarta100bars
Octagon is an executive karaoke in South Jakarta (Blok M). Executive means it caters to male clients looking for lady companions, unlike family karaokes. 

It is a modern KTV, one of the nicest in the area, and it is popular with Japanese, Korean and Indonesian guests. They have about 20 ladies, called Octagon girls, who are not prostitutes but hostesses. What you can do with them varies: Some will only give their phone numbers, others might follow you to your hotel after working hours.

They have 4 types of rooms:

Deluxe room for 3 to 5 persons
Suite room for up to 9 persons
Royal karaoke room for up to 12 people
VIP room for up to 25 people

The cheapest package start at Rp1,000,000 minimum spend for 3 people. VIP package for 15 people is available with a minimum spend of Rp3,000,000.

There is also a small lounge with occasional events (DJs).

Opening Hours:
Every day from 3pm to 3am

Octagon Karaoke
Jalan Falatehan 1, No 8, Melawai, South Jakarta
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 29 42 86 86

You can book you room online directly on their website: octagonclub.co.id

Instagram: Octagon Blok M

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