30 Hottest Khmer and Cambodian Models

By Tibs
Khmer beauty is very unique: If you are familiar with Cambodia, you should be able to easily recognize a Cambodian girl among any other Asians.

Unfortunately, there are not so many sexy Cambodian models because the country is still conservative. Famous actresses and singers are usually shy with their bodies. Showing too much skin, for instance with bikini or lingerie photos could draw criticism from the public. Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, forbids his country to participate in international beauty pageants like Miss Universe.

As a result, most of the hot models listed here are Cambodian girls from mixed heritage and/or Cambodian girls living abroad. Among them, there are several "Khmerican", a term to designate American girls from Cambodian origin.

I was still able to find several beautiful Cambodian models who are based in Cambodia and not abroad. Some were discovered with the TV show. Cambodia's Next Top Model or the popular contest Freshie Girls. There are also two men magazines that regularly feature Khmer ladies: The Man and Les Hommes. It's the closest thing from FHM Cambodia.

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Here are the 30 hottest Khmer and Cambodian models in 2016. Click on the name of the girl to open her Facebook/Instagram account.

Possibly the prettiest Khmer girl alive, she is a model and an actress who played in "Sbek Kong" and "Dream Land".

A gorgeous Khmer model who was featured in FHM Singapore, FHM Thailand and Maxim Philippines. She left Cambodia as a child refugee and now lives in the US. She also gives yoga classes.

Marie Madoré
Khmer/Viet/Chinese model from Dallas, TX. She was named one of America's 100 hottest girls in 2014 by Maxim. She was also Miss Hot Import Nights Dallas (HIN). Her Instagram is very popular with over 600,000 followers.

Briya, also called Briya BeeBee or Biriya is a young and beautiful model with Khmer, Chinese and Indian blood. Born in 1991, she frequently appears on TV and she was the face of the brand Lux.

This model, singer and actress studied in Phnom Penh in Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia. She is very representative of Khmer beauty.

Nou Tim Sreyneat
A cute and thin 20-year old beauty pageant who won the popular vote in Miss Grand International in 2014. Her bikini catwalk became viral on social media because she looked so cute doing it.

She won the beauty pageant Miss Khmer Angkor USA in 2014.

Khmer-American model living in Seattle, she is also a DJ and holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Aged 30, she was featured on FHM Philippines in 2013.

Liz Hing is a sexy Cambodian girl who is currently pursuing a modeling career in Paris.

Monika Tep Sorn
A Cambodian model and author who was born in Phnom Penh in 1985. Naturalized American, she is currently living in LA and attending acting classes. She also uses the name Moniq Sorn.

Also called Sothy's, this chic Cambodian model is based in Phnom Penh but studied in Malaysia.

She was a participant in the first season of Cambodia's Next Top Model TV show. She stopped in Episode 12. She is a typical Khmer next-door-girl.

24-year old Chan was the winner of Cambodia's Next Top Model in 2014. She is from North Cambodia.

One of the most famous supermodels in Cambodia, she often appears in tabloid and gossip news. She triggered an uproar in 2013 for posting some bikini photos on her Facebook page. She had to remove them and apologize.

She is French but her dad was Cambodian. She is one of the most famous persons on this list as she played a James Bond girl in the movie Skyfall in 2012.

Nicknamed Danich, she is an icon of Khmer beauty and one of the few Cambodian models who had an international career. She is currently a judge on Cambodia's Next Top Model. She was born in 1989.

This 22-year old model is a stunning beauty from Koh Kong.

Born from Cambodian parents in a Thai refugee camp, she moved to the US as a child and lived there since. She did sexy photoshoots for several male magazine, often topless or semi-nude. She has her own website: http://www.siraykongonline.com/

Debbie Sath
A Melbourne-based cover model, she was born from Cambodian and El Salvadorian parents. She worked with Penthouse, HIN and she was featured in the calendar of Australia's most glamorous models.

A hot model who was a playboy bunny in Macau, China. She is mixed Khmer, Chinese and Thai. She is also a DJ under the nickname Sublu and a gogo dancer.

A stylish girl who was a contestant of Cambodia's Next Top Model. She made it to the 14th episodes before being eliminated.

She is a famous TV presenter for Bayon TV. She also won the Freshie Girl contest in 2007.

She is a Cambodian-born American model who was featured in Maxim and Stuff magazine with nude/topless pics. She is from 1983. She also goes by the nickname Princess Sayuri when she performs girl-on-girl wrestling with RingDivas. 

Kelleen Lim Chea
Trained to become a chemist, she became Miss California in 2014 and Miss National US in 2015. Since then, she is pursuing a career in acting with a first role in Furious 7. Her parents emigrated from Cambodia to the US when she was a kid.

This hot girl was featured in male magazines as a topless and semi topless model.

Lyla Dee
This inked model is also a dancer in US nightclubs. She did some very provocative photo shoots, borderline porn.

She was Miss Cambodia-America (American girls from Cambodian descent) in 2015 and the first runner up to Miss Global 2015.

Truong Thi May
Born in 1988, the 172cm tall Truong was Miss Universe Vietnam in 2013. She is originally from Phnom Penh and migrated to Vietnam as a child.

She is mixed Cambodian, Thai, French and Chinese. She started her career as a gogo dancer and did modeling too. She currently works in nightclubs in Las Vegas.

This model with generous curves is a regular of motor shows like HIN. She is mixed Vietnamese and Cambodian.

This petite Cambodian-Swiss girl is a famous personality in Phnom Penh. She is a DJ, dancer, model, radio host and TV presenter.

Jess Hien
With her piercings and tattoos, Jessica Hien is a bit too trashy for my taste. She is popular in the US though where she can frequently be seen on car and motor shows around the country.

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