Su is one of the largest karaokes in South Jakarta. It is located in STC Senayan on the 5th floor (the now-closed Hyu Karaoke was on the 7th floor). It targets mostly Korean customers.

It is clean and modern, but not as luxurious as other karaokes like Paragon. The main attraction here are the 150 girls that can accompany you in your room while you sing. In particular, if you ask for 2 or more LCs (Lady Companion), you can request them to wear a kimono or sexy lingerie. They won't have any bras then. Depending on how much you tip the girls or how drunk they are, you may do some kissing and groping. Some girls may be willing to go home with you after they finish their work but it's not automatic. Most are looking for a boyfriend or at least a sugar daddy.

Prices are rather expensive. You can expect to pay at least Rp600,000 per person including alcohol and a LC. Tips to the girl between Rp200,000 and Rp300,000.

See the drink list below:
Su International Business Club
Executive Lounge and Karaoke
STC Mall Senayan, 5th Floor
Jalan Asia Afrika, Jakarta 10270
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 5793 17 00

Instagram: SU Karaoke Jakarta
Website: SU VIP

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