Bali does not have as many sexy dancer and striptease shows as Jakarta. To my knowledge, there is not a proper American-style stripclub where girls are dancing non-stop and where guests can order a lapdance. Your options are limited to regular bars and nightclubs featuring sexy girls on stage several times in the night. Sometimes, it is just a one-off event.

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Sexy dancers in Bali rarely go full nude or even topless, but the shows are often artistic and the girls know how to shake. In some venues, they will wear sophisticated hand-made costumes and perform complex choreographies. Few are Balinese, they are normally from Java (Surabaya, Jakarta).

Below are the best nightclubs or bars to go to if you want to see sexy dancers, fashion shows or striptease in Bali.

Skygarden is the most famous nightclub in Bali and the most crowded. It is open and busy any day of the week. It is built on several stories, each with a different bar or club. The music style varies from one floor to the other, from hip-hop to EDM. There are always sexy dancers, but they don't always stay in the same location. Sometimes they will be dancing at the bar, sometimes they will do a fire show in Sky Dome (the largest room), etc.

Skygarden has two types of dancers. Some are just wearing bikinis and doing basic moves, while other are part of dance companies. The latter are much better: They have beautiful costumes and they have a wider range of skills (burlesque, fire shows, etc).

Both of these nightclubs are inside the same complex in Denpasar. Akasaka is a local club that is similar to venues like Golden Crown or the now-defunct Stadium in Jakarta. Inside, many customers take drugs (ectasy) and the music is fast-paced, hardcore electro. There are many girls but 90%  are prostitutes. They have sexy dancers everyday, and sometimes nude striptease. During the 3 years I lived in Bali, this is the only place where I ever saw girls taking their bras and panties off. Once stripped off their clothes, the dancers go around the club naked asking for ladies drinks. If you buy at least several shots (one costs Rp50,000), she will give you a lap dance. 

A-Club is just next to Akasaka and it's more classy. They target Westerners and rich Indonesians with Western music and more beautiful girls. They also have bikini or lingerie sexy dancers every day. 

Located in South Kuta, about 2 kilometers from the airport, this nightclub/karaoke is one of the most popular in Bali with Indonesians and Asians (Singaporeans, Malaysians).

Most clubbers in Boshe VIP are guys who come in groups: They book a table, order a bottle and request a few lady companions to be with them.

They have live music almost every day, sometimes from famous bands. After midnight, you usually have a DJ playing house music and Top 40.

They normally have sexy dancers each time they have a special event, at least once a week. 

A recent addition to Bali nightlife, this bar is located inside the Love Hotel By Fashion TV. Officially, they only feature fashion shows but the girls are sometimes only wearing a swimsuit or underwear.

Only a few meters from Skygarden, Eikon is a bar/club popular with Australian tourists. They have international sexy dancers, probably from Russia, every Thursday. They also invite famous coyote girls once in a while. It is the place to go to see the hottest girls in Bali, but you should check their schedule in advance.

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