I had already written about my surprise after reading Indonesian Facebook comments regarding the Paris attacks in November 2015.

I was even more surprised today reading the comments on the Orlando gay nightclub shooting. I checked the Facebook page of mainstream Indonesian media (not the religious ones) and found out that a lot of people were actually cheering at the event. Not everyone, but at least between 30% and 50% of the comments. Not only are they cheering about it, they are also calling for more murders and more attacks on gays.

My Indonesian is not perfect but I translated a few here:
Sane shooting, I applaud! If the shooter comes to Indonesia he will be my honored guest!!!
1= Thank God those who died are gay!
2= Thanks God 50 contaminated by the disease are dead, I hope there is more poison for the rest
3= Hope that gays can learn from this event...

What a happy event... hoorah...
Waiting for the next shooting... hopefully in Indonesia next time... Hahahaha....
Great so LGBT people can go to hell as soon as possible... Because they always refuse and challenge Allah and so they can see by themselves what will happen to them for Judgement day... they must be afraid now of their punishment, etc...
Kill them all until the last... so there are no more LGBT...
Great... please continue... so the earth goes back to normal...
I'm sad why the shooter killed only 50 people... it should have been all...
hhmmm LGBT destroyed... that's a lesson for the other ones, why don't you get together again? Anyone else wants to get shot?
Too bad the shooter can only kill only 50 people why not all
It's ok to shoot them, if needed just bomb them... they are useless people...
It needs to be done again... hopefully next time it can be thousands... so the gay community can die
I could go on and post thousands more. Really. Again, they are not just one or two isolated comments but a huge part of the reactions. You can check for yourself on the facebook pages of Merdeka, VOA Indonesia, Tempo, Kompas, Tribunnews, Detik, Liputan 6, etc.

Actually, for most of the articles regarding the shooting, one of the two dominant emojis is the "Haha" face (sometimes with the sad face as well).
Facebook Haha Emoji
For instance on Merdeka, VOA America and Liputan 6 (and unfortunately many more - virtually every Indonesian language news site):
On Detik.com, the most popular news website in Indonesia, the reaction to the attacks is the same. 71% of the people who expressed their feelings after reading the main article about the shooting said they were "Senang" (happy).
A big contradiction is that those who are cheering are also the ones talking about a conspiracy. So they seem to want people to die, they call for more murders, yet they don't believe that one of them could possibly do it?

To what extent do these comments represent the opinion of Indonesian people is something I don't know. But it is certainly troubling and scary. It is obvious that the government's constant bashing of LGBT is not helping.

9 comments to '' Indonesians React With Joy at Terrorist Attack on Social Media "

  1. I'm from the USA and have been living in Jakarta for a few months now and it's one of the things i've noticed about a lot of Indonesians. They live in this bubble that they think is the "correct" way of living and anyone else who's opinions differ are deemed wrong. The examples of which you posted are of course more extreme than those I've come across, but the basis behind these feelings are the same. I hope many of these people will use the internet to enlighten themselves on modern day civilization and come to realize that LGBT community consists of humans too just like them. /endrant

  2. Mate, Im Indonesian who's been living abroad..growing up all these sentiments were covered and now u can see the all the self-righteousness and religion fanatism in daylight without anything done to it.
    Moreover, when reading comments anywhere ignore all the Indos that don't put their names correctly (i.e Amit Haji Kdg,Onedy Passers). Most likely low socio-economic uneducated Indo trash who'll commit all sort of crimes given the chance

  3. shame on them!
    i agree with the comment above,open-minded well-educated indonesian wont do that kind of thing. i am indonesian as well but i dont think that it something that we should be cheering at. despite their sexual orientation,they're human being and they're somebody's person as well.

  4. What a bunch of uneducated people! 50 people just died. 50 minorities who has been denied their rights since the day one, and this bigoted people seems happy about it. wow. seems like religions are all cancer after all.

  5. Social media is a very open space that sometimes it let the wrong or unnecessary people barge into your life. Just ignore them and try not to read the comments on any news, because most people who comments are the uneducated and coward.I can say it's almost the same in most country, and it doesn't represent the country's culture itsel

  6. Well, Indonesia is a very segregated country to begin with. You have Christians and muslims living as if they were in different countries. You have Chinese Indonesians and native Indonesians who mutually despise and hate each other. You have Papuans who want away but can't since both the native and Chinese indonesians want to exploit them. In a country as complex as that, don't be surprised when some are happy about the death of 50 people in a far off land.

  7. It is not surprising. Many Indonesians cheer secretly, when there is another terrorist attack from Muslim groups. They then blame America for creating the need for these attacks. These sentiments I have found even amongst university scholars. It is unfortunate but a reality, that many Indonesians think that there is ONE correct way to live and makimg sure others don't follow other ways, is a way to heaven. And increasingly this stance is not found only amongst Muslims, but also Christians. Fundamentalism is gaining ground. You will not find this is social media or mainstream media as expressing anti-religious opinions openlu are frowned upon, but in private conversations, they come up. For me, it is not the open opinions about this in social media that should be worrying (tney are mostly of the uneducted lower classs) but those opinions not voiced by the elites. One can point to Jakarta and say gays are tolerates, bit Jakarta is not Indo esia and it is an anomaly in Indonesia. Just look at the recent local laws on women's dress code, night curfew, etc, on warung opening during Ramadhan, etc.

  8. In Singapore, one guy made a similar comment on Facebook about shooting gays... His posts was denounced by facebook users and he was arrested... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-charged-for/2917496.html?cid=FBcna

    In Indonesia, there are no rules, you can say anything and it does not even shock anyone.

  9. most of their name are fake, the account probably are used to troll people. most the educated are usually more tolerant, it's the uneducated who are usually more ruthless