12 Hotels Near Surabaya Nightclubs and Bars

By Jakarta100bars
Surabaya nightlife is centered around a few areas:

The most strategic one is Tunjungan Plaza, where you have nightclubs like Coyote, Station Top 10, Colours Pub and Kowloon. You can see a full list of nearby properties here: Hotels Near Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya.

Another option is to stay near Surabaya Town Square (Sutos) This mall is about 10 minutes away from Tunjungan Plaza by taxi. Inside, there are several nice bars, and particularly Eclectic Pub, one of the most happening in the city. There is also a nightclub called Foreplay popular with students. The Sutos area is more suitable if you are a younger traveler. You can see a full list of nearby properties here: Hotels Near Surabaya Town Square Surabaya.

As I mentioned in my full review Surabaya nightlife, the most recommended hotels near nightclubs in Surabaya are the following:

Budget Hotels (Less than 30$)
Walking distance from Tunjungan Plaza Mall (2 minutes away)

5 minutes taxi ride to Tunjungan Plaza

In front of Tunjungan Plaza

Mid-range Hotels (30$ to 60$)
Walking distance  (2 minutes) from Tunjungan Plaza.

4-Star Hotels (60$ to 100$)
Inside Sutos, 1 minute from Foreplay nightclub and Eclectic.

Walking distance to Tunjungan Plaza

5-Star Hotels (more than 100$)
JW Marriott and Shangri La are the two most popular 5-star hotels in Surabaya because they both have an expat bar inside. JW Marriott has Jimmy's and Shangri-La has Desperados. Jimmy's is more happening but the Shangri-La is a nicer and more expensive hotel. There are always a few prostitutes looking for clients in those bars.

JW Marriott is a 5-minute taxi ride from Tunjungan Plaza and Shangri-La is 5 minutes away from Surabaya Town Square.

Sheraton Tunjungan Plaza, as you could guess, is inside the mall of the same name and a few meters away from Coyote Top 10 Club.

Hotel Ciputra World is near Capital Lounge and M1 nightclub, but far from the rest of Surabaya nightlife.

Naughty Sex Hotels
Inside the 4-star Rich Palace Hotel, there is a men's spa with plus plus services sometimes available.

Note that all the hotels mentioned above are girl-friendly, meaning you are allowed to bring a last minute guest to your room.

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