Baxter Smith is a bar and restaurant that opened in Senopati mid-2016. I only went there once for a special event on a Friday night, so I'll keep my review short until I can try again. 

The bar is on the 3rd floor and it was quite busy, with an all-Indonesian crowd. It seemed people where visiting for the first time, out of curiosity. The DJ was playing good, non commercial tunes between progressive and tech house. The bartenders were fast and the drinks cheaper than the average for Senopati.

There is a dining area on the 2nd floor of the building, but I didn't try it. They serve common dishes such as burgers, salads, pasta, roasted chicken, etc.

Baxter Smith (or Baxtersmith) Jakarta
Jalan Suryo 28, Senopati, Jakarta

Phone number: +6287886027475

Opening Hours:
From 11am to 2am (more or less)
Happy hours from 5pm to 7pm = Buy 2 get 1 free

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