Top 35 Sexiest Indonesian Female DJs (FDJ)

By Jakarta100bars
There are hundreds of Indonesian Female DJs (shortened FDJ) playing in all kind of clubs in the country. Some are smart, educated girls with actual DJing skills while others are borderline prostitutes who get their gigs who knows how.

Sorry for being shallow but this review will not focus on the quality of the music played. Most Indonesians don't really care about it anyway, as long as it's loud and famous. I only paid attention to the physical traits of the girls to select the sexiest, prettiest and hottest ones.

I didn't include any Indonesian Topless DJs (TDJ). There are a few in Jakarta, usually in clubs like V2 and Oppai (B'Fashion Hotel). The most famous ones are TDJ Barbie Tyas, TDJ Terre, TDJ Nava, TDJ Fitri, TDJ Beiby Pricilia Maxwell, TDJ Lisa, TDJ Adelia and TDJ Diana. Sarah Ardelia, a softcore erotic model, can also be added.

Without any further delays, this is the list of Indonesia's Top 35 sexiest female DJs (with the girls' Instagram account):

Most popular and prettiest female DJ in Indonesia at the moment. She has a pretty strong following everywhere she goes. Her fans' motto is "No Joana, No Party".

She is a true beauty and one of my favorites on this list. She mixes mostly in Surabaya (Eclectic, Castello, G-Lounge, LCC, Kowloon, etc).

This model was already part of my Top 20 Hottest FHM Girls. She has started DJing recently, so far in Exodus and 999.

This beautiful girl is part of Spinach Records and as such, she regularly plays with DJ Riri Mestica.

A sexy Asian model who recently started her new career as a DJ and P.A. She sometimes forms an act with Putri Zairah and Delizious Devina.

This gorgeous model has been featured in several male magazine. She is an occasional DJ who played in Exodus, Nebula, Bunker and Foundry 8.

Cute and young DJ playing mostly in Central Java (Solo and Yogyakarta)

This bright student from Bandung can often be seen in the best bars and clubs of the city, particularly Southbank, Sobbers, Hollywood and Shelter.

One of the cutest FDJs in Indonesia, she is very popular at the moment, playing in the best clubs in the country (Empirica, Fable, Equinox, etc).

She is mostly mixing in nightclubs from East Java (Surabaya, Malang, Sidoarjo)

Mixed blood Indonesian, Chinese and German. She is a favorite of the Ismaya Group, playing regularly for Blowfish, Dragonfly and DWP. 

Not your typical female DJ, Ninda is almost too pretty to mix. She was a finalist of the Cover Girl 2004 competition and worked several years as a model.

This thin girl has played in dozens of nightclubs all over Indonesia. You can see her in both normal clubs and more controversial ones like Crown or B'Fashion.

A hot Sundanese girl who claims to be a DJ manager and a freelance model.

The young and sexy DJ Lala is currently popular in Bandung. She can be seen in Sobbers, Revel, Hollywood Bar, Bunker, Fame Station, 9 Square, etc.... Lately she was also invited to do some gigs in Jakarta and Surabaya.

She mixes in both Australia and Indonesia. Ranked 21st DJ in Indonesia in 2015.

DJ Vio (Elsa Violin)
A petite Sundanese DJ usually mixing for student crowds in Bandung.

This beautiful doll might not even be the legal age to drink, yet she has played in all the most famous Indonesian clubs in cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Lampung and Bali.

A fixture of Jakarta nightlife, she can be seen in the hottest bars and nightclubs of the capital every week. She is one of the top DJs from the label Spinach records and one of the few Indonesian DJs with an international experience.

She was a successful model for 15 years before becoming a DJ for the prestigious agency 1945FM (same as Delizious Devina). She is often accompanied by the Colombian DJ Claudia Jaramillo (on the picture, Chantal is the one facing the camera and smiling).

This girl holds a master degree in Psychology and she is a DJ on her free time. She is quite famous around Bandung.

A classy, tattooed DJ who specializes in mash-up, hip hop and top 40 remixes.

She started as a model for male magazine and TV ads. She also played in a few sitcoms and movies.

DJ Syl (Or DJ Sabila or DJ Zabylla)
Apparently, this 18-year old hot DJ has not really decided on her final stage name yet as she uses different aliases every time she plays. Until now, she can mostly be seen in the clubs of North Jakarta like Malioboro and MTR.

Rizuka won the FHM Girl's Next Door competition in 2014. Since that, she has started a successful singing and DJing career. Her single "Nobody Else" recently topped Indonesian music charts.

This pretty DJ made the headlines in 2013 after she complained to the police that the basketball player/actor Denny Sumargo had made her pregnant out of wedlock.

DJ Ezha Indah
This pretty DJ is part of the management team Discopan Indonesia.

She is one of the most famous Indonesian models for male magazine, thanks to her two gigantic boobs. She is not a regular DJ, but she plays once in a while, like recently in Titanium Batam, Lips Bogor and Crown Samarinda.

DJ Freya
Her real name is Fitria Galib Baladraf. She is a DJ from Bandung who played in Mox, L'Société, Lucy in the Sky and many other nightclubs and festivals in Indonesia.

She is part of a label called Bullbeat along with the CEO of Lamborghini Indonesia, Johnson Yaptonaga (under the name JYAP). Not much information about her but she had gigs in Colosseum, Empirica and Sobbers.

A truly hot DJ who knows how to warm-up a dancefloor. It is not rare to see her doing a sexy dance during her act. Based in Bogor.

DJ Achie is lucky not to play in France, where her name would mean "terrible DJ" (DJ à chier). She plays "progressive" house in clubs where drugs are easy to find. Also a sexy dancer.

One of the famous female DJs in Yogyakarta, this young student (just graduated actually) plays in clubs like Liquid, Boshe, Sugar and Terrace.

She is an upcoming DJ from Central Java

Self-proclaimed a lingerie DJ, she is one of the wildest female disc-jockeys in Indonesia, if not the most classy. She does some sexy dancing as well in which her two huge boobs are the main point of focus. She is not a nude DJ unfortunately.

One of those big boobs Indonesian DJs, she kind of look like a pornstar. You can usually see her in girlie clubs.

There are two main things that make her popular and you are looking at them right now. She was ranked in the top 10 sexiest Indonesian DJs in 2014 and made it to the 58th place of the Top 100 Djanes 2015.

Hot FDJ that you can see mostly in Borneo and in some nightclubs in Kota (Exotis, Diamond)

This hot model is famous for being involved in a high-class prostitution ring in which she was supposedly paid Rp80,000,000 for sex.

There are actually only 34 Indonesian DJ girls ranked so far. I will add one more soon. If you feel I missed a pretty DJ, leave a comment below!

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  1. They all have emails and contact details on there insta, are they all open to contact and friendly, or maybe even freelancing? Or out of reach normally to foreigners due to the fact they are doing well with rich Indonesians and wouldn't be seen dead with a foreigner ?

    1. A few would probably be open for freelancing, but not from a random guy sending an email.... The last one, Amel Alvi was involved in a prostitution ring and reportedly paid Rp80M per booking. Some Indonesian guys are both ridiculously rich and incredibly stupid.

      Personally, to approach them I would say I'm looking for a DJ for a private event, then get a date out of it.

  2. Pbysically, with a couple of exceptions, they all look and dress the same. Don't even look Indonesian (could be Pinay or even Thai). Loads of false lashes and makeup. Hard to see if they are actually pretty.

  3. Fdj Kesha ayres mana?

    1. Ya mana DJ Kesha Ayres?

    2. Kesha doesn't need to be on this list, she's a dj with talent and skill that doesnt use her body for marketing...

  4. DJ Gebby Vesta should be added to your list though

    1. Gebby itu transgender kan, bukan cewek

  5. It would be great to see Indonesian FDJ Dona Amelia on this list. She is included on many other international listings.