Kowloon International Palace is a one-stop entertainment complex in Surabaya. It features C-bar (live music), Kowloon (nightclub) and a Chinese restaurant. They also do weddings and concerts in their function hall.

It is located on the 5th floor of the mid-class mall Plaza Surabaya. The first time I went there, the taxi dropped me off at the lobby, but there is no lift so I had to walk through the parking to get there. Make sure you get dropped on the 5th floor.

The nightclub is a typical Indonesian disco with seemingly some illegal stuff happening inside. Only 5 minutes after I arrived, I was offered ecstasy by the waiters and 2 girls came to my table asking me if I needed company.

The main room is in the shape of a large rectangle, half the size of a football field, with barely any decoration. It is dark and the only thing you can see is the DJ on his podium and the giant TV screens.

The music was loud "happy" techno which can be quite deafening and boring if you are not used to it. 

Entrance fee was Rp30,000 with 1 free pack of LA cigarettes. The cheapest beer inside was a whopping Rp70,000.

Kowloon Palace
Plaza Surabaya 5th Floor
Jalan Pemuda No. 31-37, (near Genteng train station), Surabaya, East Java
Phone number: +62 (0) 31 531 5300

Instagram: Kowloon Palace

1 comment to '' Kowloon Nightclub Surabaya (C-Bar) "

  1. Wanted to have a look...very similar to Golden Crown Palace in Jakarta. Horrible housemusic, way too loud. Annoying waiters and no people inside. Perfect waste of time and money. Even if you would like a dark night out this is just a horrible place...at least I tried...good luck gentlemen!