HIN (Hot Import Nights) is a motor show originally from the US. The basic idea is to present cool tuned cars in a nightclub atmosphere with DJs, concerts, fashion shows and a "HIN Girlfriend" competition.

This review will focus on the latter.

The Indonesian models participating on the competition are usually voluptuous and sexy, with generous curves and a slightly provocative look. Many have an unfortunate penchant for painted eyebrows, heavy make up and color lenses. I hate those so I was careful to choose the most natural-looking models.

I used pictures from the girls' Instagram account with a link to it. If you feel I forgot one, please just leave a comment below. I also added a few Asian models.

Derinda Wenda (Miss Hin Surabaya 2016)

Sherandien (She is so hot she gets two pictures)

Dannie Roux
 (Asian American)

Celine Like Dion (Asian American)

Lila Vy (American Asian)

Main Photo Source: Julius Alvindo

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